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If housework isn’t one of your passions (shock, horror, gasp) you might fancy dolling out for some gadgets for quick cleaning. You might prefer a time saving gadget or a gadget for doing something you just really don’t enjoy (I detest vacuuming). There is all manner of gadgets for quick cleaning – take a look at some and then tell me which would be your ideal pick.

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Roomba Is it the quickest gadget for cleaning on this list? Not at all--but there are two sides to this coin. The first is that if you buy a self charging one then all you have to do to vacuum your floors is empty out the Roomba when it is full, ergo the amount of cleaning you have to do it almost nil to the point where that is as quick as it gets. The other side to the coin is that if this device is routinely lowering the amount of dirt and dust on your floors, then even if you did vacuum your own floor there would be very little to do as the cleanliness of your floor is being maintained over the week. This is definitely the best and most popular of all the gadgets for quick cleaning on this list but will cost you over $500
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The Solar Powered Air Purifier

The Solar Powered Air Purifier A conventional air purifier has to be up there as one of the world’s biggest wastes of energy unless you happen to have a serious dust allergy. However, the solar powered air purifier is actually a very good thing and it is good because it turns itself on every day and cleans your air. How does this make cleaning quicker? Because a lot of the dirt on just about everything in your house is caused by dust, and a solar powered air purifier is going to lower the amount of dust landing in a specific area, which then helps to make your cleaning a little quicker.
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Windoro Windows Cleaning Robot

Windoro Windows Cleaning Robot This is available on sale online if you want one, though it is a little like the first iterations of the Roomba in that it works but that it is not great yet. As the technology gets better then you are going to find it more and more useful, especially for doing the windows outside. They need to make it more efficient and more durable, and hopefully we may also get to the days where you just switch it on and it walks outside and does your windows for you.
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Robomop Have your kitchen mopped with this device by just letting it do its job. It is not ideal if you have a heavy amount of dirt on your floor, but is great for removing dust and giving your kitchen a bit of a polish.
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High Pressure Drain Buster Toilet Sink Unblock Plunger

High Pressure Drain Buster Toilet Sink Unblock Plunger There are a few names for this device but it is a simple solution to an old problem and it is amazing that we had to wait until after the year 2000 to have one invented. It is like a bicycle pump that pushes air down your drains at a high pressure and so pushes out the blockage. It is faster than a plunger and faster than using chemicals.
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Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Vacuum

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Vacuum This is a vacuum cleaner and a carpet washer in one. It is not the first of its kind, nor is it the most original of gadgets for quick cleaning, but it is especially handy if you have children or pets and there are certain areas on the carpet that need both vacuuming and washing. You can use this device to wash your entire carpet if you wish.
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The Sonic Scrubber

The Sonic Scrubber It really sounds like one of those dumb gadgets you see on shopping channels, and maybe at the moment it is close to that, but there is a future for this type of technology. It scrubs areas at 10,000 times per minute. It is one of the many gadgets for quick cleaning on this list that is a labor saving device and ergo makes cleaning easier and quicker. You do not have to scrub any surface using old-fashioned elbow grease because this device does all the scrubbing for you. Be sure not to confuse it with your electric toothbrush!
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The downside of gadgets that make cleaning quicker is they are on the expensive side. Still if making light work of cleaning is important, I guess you’ll find a way to pay for something to do just that. What household chore do you wish they would make a gadget for?

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