9 Super Fun Staircase Makeovers ...


If you're searching for an unusual but fun way to give your home's look an update, we suggest looking into Staircase Makeovers. The great thing about staircase makeovers is that you can go crazy with colors or prints but they would not be as distracting as they would on a proper wall. The DIY staircase ideas below will show you that giving your home a new look is as easy as choosing fun paints, stencils, or wallpaper. So go ahead and turn your stairs into a work of art; you'll love your home even more after you do!

1. Ombre


I have had a chance to feature several ombre projects for the home here on All Women Stalk but this particular pink staircase makeover may be my ultimate favorite. Why? Because I love the colors and they look truly lovely with the white walls.

Stamped Crates
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