7 Super Fun Projects for Summer to Pass Time with ...


With the warm weather upon us, it's time to gather our friends and family and begin some fun projects for Summer! It's a great time to finish those tasks that can't be done in the cold and wet winter months or the business of the school year. Whether inside or outside, here are some super fun projects for summer to pass time with!

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Plant a Garden

I can't wait to have my own garden, some day when we have the space for it! Especially a vegetable garden - I've always loved fresh veggies heated by the summer sun! So yummy. And gardening is a fun and relaxing activity that the whole family can join in on. Summer is a great time to start your own garden and it's definitely up there as one of my favorite fun projects for summer!


Build Something

Adults and kids alike enjoy building different things. From model airplanes to a tree house, summertime is the perfect season to build something! Wouldn't it be so fun to build a birdhouse with your daughter or friend? Or perhaps you could renovate your home and hire help to build that deck you've been wanting. Whatever it may be, big or small, building something new is great for strengthening relationships and being productive!



I know for my house, I see little places that need paint touch-ups as well as full on furniture painting. Warm weather allows for the perfect opportunity to add newness to your home. Maybe your house or fence needs a fresh coat of paint? Painting is so fun and you can invite friends and family to join it and offer some refreshing lemonade after!



Usually summer is the time for family outings, adventures and vacations! And we all love to document our activities as a precious reminder of our time together as a family! Scrapbooking is a fun and memorable way to collect your photos in one place that's a little more modern than your traditional photo album. You can stick to a theme or make each page unique! Visit your local craft store for supplies and ideas.



Ahh the dreaded task of keeping things organized. This isn't exactly a "fun" project but it's definitely needed! I love to be organized and to have the feeling of everything being in it's proper place. But the organization process is somewhat taxing (even though some people love it). Summer is a great time to start clean, purge out the stuff we don't use anymore, and reorganize our life! Cabinets, closets, garages are all great places to reorganize and keep clean. When you can find what you need the moment you need it, you'll be thankful you spent the time to reorganize!



One of my favorite parts about summer is hosting and going to barbecues with friends and family. It's a great way to even meet your neighbors if you don't know them already! Your project this summer could be to host or organize regular summer barbecues within your community! It's so fun to eat and share life with the people we love and to build new friendships.



If your home needs something new, a great way to do that is to redecorate your living spaces! You don't need to buy new furniture either. You can buy new pillows, maybe a living room rug or accessories to change things up. Also, never underestimate the power of a new paint color. Changing your wall color can completely change the tone of your living space! Another great way to make some changes is to switch around different accessories from other rooms. I recently switched out the pillows on our bedding for the ones on our living room couches and I actually like it better! Redecorating is fun and new and it's nice to just have change every so often.

Summer passes by so quickly that sometimes it's difficult to really enjoy every moment of it! Projects are a great way to take advantage of the warm weather and extra family time, while taking care of different tasks. What are some fun projects for summer that you've done or are planning on doing?

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