7 Tips for Throwing a Summer BBQ That is Awesome in Every Way ...


7 Tips for Throwing a Summer BBQ That is Awesome in Every Way ...
7 Tips for Throwing a Summer BBQ That is Awesome in Every Way ...

I used to be clueless about how to throw a great party, so when BBQ season rolled around I was always looking for tips for throwing a summer bbq. But now that I'm over 21, have my own adult life, and don't think that a good party consists of a keg, some cups, a table and ping pong balls, I am a cornocopia of tips for throwing a summer BBQ! Stick with me ladies and you'll be the envy of the block!

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On of the most important tips for throwing a summer BBQ is planning. You can't just grab some random food from the fridge and just expect people to enjoy your BBQ. You need to think about your menu, how many guests you'll have (so you know how much food to make), what music you want playing, and what you plan to do to entertain everyone. It's fun to be spontaneous but not when a whole BBQ is on the line!


Put a Fun Spin on Classic Games

I personally love lawn games like badminton and lawn darts and even a little croquet. But I also think they can get a little tired after playing them for 22 years in a row. So, I like to combine games and add weird rules (or, if it's a grown up party and my son is with a sitter, I like to make everything into a drinking game). For instance, every time the birdie falls in badminton, not only does the person that served get a point, the person that missed also has to try and get a Bocci ball through a croquet arch. If they miss, they lose two points (or take a shot.)



I go crazy for and with decorations. Streamers and balloons can be seen at every party/BBQ I throw. Why not liven up your yard with a little bit of color? It's super easy, it's super cheap and it gives your BBQ a little something extra.


Be Age Appropriate

This is where I get a little critical, I am all for having a drink every now and then but not around kids. It's okay for the grown ups to have a beer at a BBQ with kids but try and keep the liquor and drinking games away. Know who's going to be at your BBQ and cater to your audience. It's a little sleazy to be playing quarters with kids running around your feet!


Provide Entertainment

I cannot stress this enough! People at your BBQ don't want to sit around before and after they eat. Have something for your friends and family to do at your BBQ. Anything from games to a little fireworks show (depending on how legal they are in your area); just don't make the food the center of your BBQ.


Have Amazing Music

I ALWAYS have a playlist of some kind playing when I do anything from cleaning to cooking to just sitting and writing this awesome blog post. Your BBQ shouldn't be any different. Have some tunes going that keep your BBQ fun and light!


Have out of the Box Food

Anyone can take a hot dog out of the package and throw it on a grill but where is the fun in that? Try something a little different for your next BBQ! For grown ups try grilled teriyaki salmon or feta and spinach stuffed burgers. For little ones try cheese stuffed dogs! Anything that will make your BBQ a little different than everyone else's.

Well ladies, this is how I keep my summer BBQ's fun and fresh. What do you do to keep your little outdoor parties fun and light? Let me know down below!

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