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40 Stunning Examples of 3D Chalk Drawings ...

By Lyndsie

Those 3D chalk drawings you see on sidewalks, streets, and buildings all around the world are simply amazing. To be great, art doesn't have to fit the status quo. It's not always all about oils, pastels, clay, or stone. True artists can create beauty and inspire the imagination in any medium – even with simple chalk. Check out some of these incredible 3D chalk drawings and let me know if you've ever spotted any yourself!

Table of contents:

  1. Chasing waterfalls
  2. Piccadilly circus
  3. The best slide
  4. Nyc in london
  5. A fiery collapse
  6. Pac-man
  7. Down the escalator
  8. Under the surface
  9. Pipes and beauty
  10. Optical snail
  11. Hello giraffe
  12. Into the darkness
  13. Realer than real
  14. Fallen giant
  15. Oops
  16. The bridge
  17. Ferris wheel
  18. Teenage mutant ninja turtles
  19. A whale of a drawing
  20. Batman and robin
  21. The maypole
  22. The city below
  23. A pretty pond
  24. A whole new world
  25. Hot lava
  26. Fine art
  27. Cook out
  28. The magic of books
  29. Dive in
  30. A little gift
  31. Swimming upstream
  32. Catching crabs
  33. Water magic
  34. White water rafting
  35. Down below
  36. Sewer made beautiful
  37. Lego men
  38. Cityscape
  39. Don't go in the water
  40. Down the drain

1 Chasing Waterfalls

Via Amazing Jokes | Your joke, ...

I particularly love 3D chalk drawings that you can have fun with, like this one. How would you pose?

2 Piccadilly Circus

Via The Incredible World Of 3D ...

Wouldn't you love to have a little slice of London wherever you are? There's so much detail in this drawing!

3 The Best Slide

Via Amazing Artistry Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Just makes you want to shoot down, doesn't it?

4 NYC in London

Via Don't jump! Oh, he can't... ...

Yep, a little piece of NYC in London!

5 A Fiery Collapse

Via Amazing 3D Chalk Art

This is a great piece by Edgar Mueller, which he rendered in Germany. It looks so hot!

6 Pac-Man

Via Sidewalk art

You have to love art that evokes some old-school gaming nostalgia! Get the cherries, lady!

7 Down the Escalator

Via Funnies!

Maybe the only escalator in the world that doesn't scare me a little.

8 Under the Surface

Via 55+ Amazing 3D Street Art ...

I just love the colors in this drawing.

9 Pipes and Beauty

Via Julian Beever's Fantastic 3D Pavement ...

That fountain is a particularly lovely touch.

10 Optical Snail

Via Simply awesome…

That illusion is so cool!

11 Hello Giraffe


So cute! The shadow makes it even more realistic.

12 Into the Darkness


This is a really popular piece for photo ops.

13 Realer than Real


This is another Edgar Mueller piece. Doesn't it look realistic?

14 Fallen Giant

Via 76 Unbelievable Street And Wall ...

This is really, truly a work of art. I love the warmth in the skin tones.

15 Oops

Via KING's ROAD – the best ...

Oops! Somebody slipped!

16 The Bridge

Via 3D Sidewalk Art

This looks incredibly real as well – as in, I'd be afraid to cross.

17 Ferris Wheel

Via Job growth slows, Antarctic water ...

This is a Julian Beever piece, and it's just stunning.

18 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Via London

Turtle power!

19 A Whale of a Drawing

Via Cool Art

Look who wants to say hello!

20 Batman and Robin


Wow, I hope they can save that guy ...

21 The Maypole

Via mc-random-22

This whole drawing is just so fun, and that little guy makes it even better.

22 The City below

Via Amazing 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art ...

There's so much going on in this drawing, your eye doesn't know where to go!

23 A Pretty Pond

Via Amazing 3D Chalk Art

Wouldn't you want to go fishing in this pond?

24 A Whole New World

Via Kurt Wenner's eye-popping sidewalk art

Complete with magic carpet!

25 Hot Lava

Via 33 Brain-Melting Works Of 3-D ...

Watch your step!

26 Fine Art

Via 3D Illusion Chalk Drawings II: ...

This is simply gorgeous.

27 Cook out

Via Now That's Art

This one is pretty simple, but it's also super neat.

28 The Magic of Books

Via Incredible 3D Street Art India ...

Books really will take you anywhere.

29 Dive in

Via SeaWayBLOG: Street Paintings

Doesn't that look refreshing?

30 A Little Gift

Via Graffiti + Street Art

I go crazy for these little guys.

31 Swimming Upstream

Via showslow: Julian Beever is considered a ...

This is an even better fishing spot than the pond! Also the work of the talented Julian Beever.

32 Catching Crabs

Via Street Art & Chalk 3D

Another Julian Beever piece! This one would look right at home in Gloucester.

33 Water Magic

Via 3D Chalk Drawings by Julian ...

Julian Beever yet again! He's such a talented artist.

34 White Water Rafting

Via Sélection de Street Art en ...

Is this enough of an adrenaline rush for you?

35 Down below

Via 76 Unbelievable Street And Wall ...

It really looks like someone tore up the street!

36 Sewer Made Beautiful

Via 3D Street Art Photos

Seriously, I've never seen a more magical looking sewer.

37 Lego Men


It's a veritable Lego army!

38 Cityscape

Via Amazing-Increible

It's like a city within the city!

39 Don't Go in the Water

Via Amazing 3D Chalk Art

More believable than Sharknado.

40 Down the Drain

Via Cookie In Bloom - St. ...

Simple, but really rather gorgeous.

Have you ever seen any amazing 3D chalk drawings? What were they, and where did you see them?

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