7 Strange National Holidays You Never Knew Existed ...


7 Strange National Holidays You Never Knew Existed ...
7 Strange National Holidays You Never Knew Existed ...

In America, we certainly have no shortage of strange national holidays. It’s just a shame that so few people know about them. We’re quick to roll out the grill for Labor Day and prepare those turkeys with all the trimmings come Thanksgiving Day, but these are just a few of the nationally sanctioned holidays that we recognize for their significance to our history and our culture. There are other days out there meant for celebration that aren’t getting nearly enough recognition. Mark your calendars for these 7 truly strange national holidays.

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Mad Hatter Day, October 6th

Developed from a love for the quirky fictional character created by Lewis Carroll, Mad Hatter Day is one of the strange national holidays where it is more than appropriate to be silly and nonsensical. It’s perfectly acceptable to have mad tea parties and un-birthday parties. And if you’re wondering why this particular date is reserved for Mad Hatter Day, October 6th is 10/6, which corresponds to the price tag stuck to the front of the Mad Hatter’s infamous accessory.


Thesaurus Day, January 18th

You remember your grade school days spent thumbing through a thesaurus, right? Author Peter Roget single-handedly developed a text that forged novice writers into true wordsmiths. Though the origins of who claimed this holiday are unknown, Roget’s birthday does seem like a fitting tribute for Thesaurus Day.


National Pi Day, March 14th

Nerds of America, rejoice. The constant non-repeating infinite ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is celebrated on March 14th. This date was chosen for the approximate calculation of Pi as 3.14159 and so on and so forth. So, strap on those suspenders and get yourself to a Mathlete's meeting.


Left Hander’s Day, August 13th

Did you know that only an estimated 10% of Americans are left handed? August 13th is the one day of year that the lefties are meant to receive some well-deserved acknowledgment. Can openers, scissors and even computers are designed with the righties in mind. On this day, all you lefties can get together and slap some lefty high-fives.


Peculiar People Day, January 10th

While no specific originator of this day of peculiar recognition can be found, it’s still a day to celebrate the quirky weirdos who populate your life. Everybody has at least one strange person that they love for being slightly different. On this day, let that person know that he or she is peculiar and that you wouldn’t have it any other way.


National Doughnut Day, the First Friday of June

While these sweetened dough rings might seem like a bloated excuse for a national holiday, the real reason for celebrating is actually more deeply rooted in American history than you might think. National Doughnut Day is to remember the women of The Salvation Army who served World War I soldiers doughnuts for both sustenance and morale in 1917. Having a doughnut on this particular Friday is a sweet remembrance indeed.


Repeal Day, December 5th

Raise your glasses to celebrate December 5th, which is to mark the anniversary of the repeal of the 18th amendment in 1933. Honor the end of the Prohibition Era by having a few drinks with friends. Just celebrate the freedom to consume alcohol responsibly. Cheers!

Not every holiday is nationally hailed by the government in an official manner, or even well-known to the public. But that doesn’t mean these holidays aren’t worth celebrating. Over time, these days and others have come to be recognized for remembrances or just pure recreation. What strange national holidays are you looking forward to celebrating this year?

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Pi day was the only one I knew of. I am defiantly celebrating mad hatter day as well as peculiar person day.

All these festivities seem so much fun =D


Knew about Pi day.. Math classes always celebrated it in school.

All hail pi day and thesaurus day!!!

Only knew of repeal day

I didn't know Pi day was so uncommon...

Aw these are vute

Doughnut day , finally an excuse to have one !

Haha, there's also national weed day, which is on 4/20 (explains why they call weed 420) and there's national record store day. :p I don't celebrate the first one of course, just the second one.

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