7 Unusual Things and Places to Find Them ...


7 Unusual Things and Places to Find Them ...
7 Unusual Things and Places to Find Them ...

Unusual things aren’t so hard to find as you may believe! In fact, I’m absolutely sure each one of us has managed to stumble upon an unusual thing or two at some period of life but was too busy, shocked or distracted to actually acknowledge the unusualness of the thing and moment. Worry not, as I’m going to do my best to point you in the right direction and help you find the unusual thing of choice in the perfectly unusual moment...

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In the mood for some shark-seeing on the wrong side of the fish tank (or even without a fish tank), desert skiing, crab hunting or driving a rented Lamborghini? Well, there are plenty of places to do it, some of which may even in your neighborhood or on your list of places to travel to next! Get familiar with all of those unusual things you can do in your own town or on holidays by using a simple search term “unusual things to do in *type the name of the town*” and hit the start button on an adventure of a lifetime!


Poop Jewelry

Yes guys, poop jewelry! And if we are to take a word from one of the websites that sells them, they are a perfect give for people who claim they have it all. Bet your mile long wish list seems like a blessing rather than a curse now, huh? Anyways, in case you know someone who’d love a pair of moose, fish, turtle, crocodile or even dinosaur coprolite (which is just a fancy word for fossilized poop, by the way) earrings, pins of Christmas ornaments, all you have to do is Google!


Fossilized Animals

Interested in something fossilized but not of excrement variety? No problem, you can always get the next best unusual thing to surprise your favorite collector! How about a real cave bear tooth or, in case you’re really rich, a whole cave bear skeleton? Yes, you can get those together with all of the papers confirming that you’re buying an authentic item, starting as low as $60 for a small tooth or bone to a whopping $85,000 for the whole bear! Fossil dealers are the ones who you need to turn to for this service, either by locating a company that specializes in fossilized remains in your area or finding one online and ordering your own piece of history!


Items Used by Celebrities

Ever wanted to own a pair of Elvis’ dirty undies? How about Megan Fox’s thong, Britney’s used gum, ScarJo’s germ-infested tissue? Doubt that! But in case you ever do, you don’t need to call your friends asking where to find unusual stuff like these – head straight to eBay and start bidding!


Unusual Gifts

Are your friends dying for a crystal skull, shower gel that looks like blood, a lipstick that changes color to suit your mood or a zombie mug? Well, which ever type of novelty item you need specialized gift shops in your area might be able to help! And in case you don’t have one, take your pick amongst tons of online shops selling novelty gifts … or eBay, of course!



Ever felt so mad that you just wish there was a pesky bug around for you to squash? Well, you’ll have an anger-free trip to Japan for sure as they even have vending machines that sell these! If you, in the other hand, need a fossilized, old or long dead one you will want to take your business to those folks that sell fossilized poop and animal bones. Do hit eBay on the way, though, as you may even run into a bug that was lucky enough to fly by Angie and Brad on Golden Globes and decide that’s the one you need!



The unusual fact part of the World Wide Web is better than any celebrity plastic surgery or Photoshop makeover part of YouTube! Really! You will waste an equal amount of time, of course, but you’ll at least feel smarter and have something interesting to share with your friends. Consult the all-knowing Google – your ultimate source of weird facts about anything and everything known to mankind!

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever tried to find or found without even looking? Which of these unusual items would you love to get or give? Do tell!

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