7 Most Beautiful Minerals and Unique Facts Related to Them ...

Learning about minerals and their properties when I took mineralogy in college really made me realize what my personal list of the most beautiful minerals are. Some aren't necessarily brightly colored or a precious gem, but rather ones that have unique attributes that make them beautiful! I hope you enjoy this list of most beautiful minerals and learn a little something, too!

1. Staurolite

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This mineral isn't particularity beautiful in color or luster (it's a brownish red), but it's shape is truly amazing. It forms as a twin crystal, meaning it looks like two crystals grew in and through each other. They usually look like an x-shape but this mineral is famous for its cross shape. I think what draws me to it the most is the perfect crystal shape it has! It's not rock-like or bulbous at all. It's so unique that it has to make the list of most beautiful minerals!

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