7 Smart Wax Paper Uses You Never Knew ...


Wax paper uses for everyday things around the house are more abundant than I thought! I never realized that wax paper could be used for more than just baking. Recently, I've discovered some really cool uses for wax paper! I'd love to share some of them with you today. I'm positive you will find each of these wax paper uses convenient and helpful in your everyday life!

1. Spotless Bathroom

This wax paper use has come in handy for me time after time after time! I'm somewhat of a neat freak, so obviously, this would be one of my favorite uses for wax paper. After cleaning your bathroom fixtures, rub a piece of wax paper over them. The wax will slide off, creating a barrier so that water splashes won't stick and make water stains! Plus, your bathroom will be super shiny!

Prevent Rust
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