Smart 🤓 Tips on How to Stay Safe 🛡 on Campus 🏫 ...


It’s that time of the year, ladies! The beginning of the fall semester is just around the corner. There’s always a feeling of excitement and adventure for first time college students, as many of you are away from the comfort of home for the first time. While college is a time to enjoy newfound freedom and independence, it’s important to keep yourself safe, while simultaneously having fun. In these 10 tips, you’ll find ways on how to stay safe on campus.

1. Secure Your Dorms

First thing always, always remember to secure your space, whether it be a dorm, car, or apartment, by locking doors and windows at night or when you are going out. Keep your personal valuables in a safe and secure space - you can’t risk getting them stolen. Keep tabs on who has access to your living space by keeping careful track of who has the keys. If you have roomates, tell them to let you know when they give someone a key. Remember, it is important to always be aware of who has access to your living space.

Know the Layout of the Campus
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