Use the Einstein Method of Simplifying Your Student Life ...

By Sonya

Use the Einstein  Method of Simplifying  Your Student Life  ...

Simplicity is the way of the intelligent. Einstein reduced the laws of physics down to an equation that was small and simple enough to fit on the shirts of Comic-Con attendees. Keeping your life simple is the best way of getting through college with high grades and all of your marbles.

Here are some ways to simplify student life and save valuable time and money. These simple college hacks will change your life!

Table of contents:

  1. use an essay writing service
  2. velcro shoes
  3. wash your clothes less
  4. borrow and lend things
  5. fast food condiments in sachets
  6. use soap not body wash
  7. have your friends cut your hair

1 Use an Essay Writing Service

It is as simple as that. There is no need to put yourself through even more work than is needed. Use their services, harvest the good grades, and never look back. You can make it up to the college by donating a large sponsorship to them when you are a multimillionaire. What other methods are there of keeping your budget in healthy order?

2 Velcro Shoes

These make the life of all students a lot easier. Don’t waste time on laces. Buy Velcro fastening shoes or trainers. They save more time that you can possibly imagine.

3 Wash Your Clothes Less

Ten minutes in a tumble dryer and most clothes are good for another day. This is true and you should consider it. Washing your clothes is a lot more time consuming than just giving them a quick spruce up. If you are only going to wear them around your dorm room then who will ever know (or care)?

4 Borrow and Lend Things

You are a penniless student, so do not buy a bike pump--borrow one. If you have a digital camera then lend it to your friend in return for them putting you on their computers antivirus scheme (the usually force you to buy protection for three computers anyway). Don’t buy a graph-making app if you are only going to use it once--borrow your dorm mate’s device with the app on, in return for letting them have a few toilet rolls. Don’t buy a car--get lifts from friends in return for proofreading their essays.

5 Fast Food Condiments in Sachets

they last longer than the sauces you can buy in the stores, which need to be used within a week or two of opening.

6 Use Soap Not Body Wash

body wash is diluted soap, and it is often diluted so much that you need to use loads before you get up a decent lather. A bar of soap is cheaper, and will last up to ten times longer, than body wash.

7 Have Your Friends Cut Your Hair

Of all of your friends at college, you are bound to know one who is in beauty school, or one who dropped out of beauty school to take drama classes learning the words to “Grease” dance numbers. Ask them to cut and style your hair. If they are learning it then they will jump at the chance. If not then do a favor for them in return, such as setting him or her (probably her) up with your hot brother or sister.

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