10 Time ⏰ Management πŸ—‚ Tips πŸ‘Œ for Students πŸ€“ ...


Time management for a student seems such an odd concept, because surely their main task is to learn, and if that is what they are supposed to be dedicated their time towards then how can they find the time to mismanage their time. Between lectures, coursework, a social life, a love life, and a job, a student can find themselves at a loss for time. Time management is the key to success for a student who is not silly enough to lose sleep in return for getting more time. HEre are my best tme management tips for students.

1. Lose Your Games Console

Besides the time you waste on social media, your games console is your biggest time vampire and you need to accept it and leave it in your parent’s attic. It may be a great social tool for getting all of your friends into your dorm, and it may be the only pleasure you get out of life, but it is a time vampire nonetheless. Some students believe that they can use their games console as a motivation device. They will promise themselves some time on their games console in return for doing some work, but this motivation device never works because it makes studying appear a lot more like work than it actually is. You are making your study periods into a slog instead of a learning experience.

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