Awesome Tricks to Get Higher Grades on Essays Are Right in Here ...


Grades matter more than ever. Employers place so much emphasis on education. Attaining higher grades increases your chances of netting your dream job. But scoring highly on difficult assignments can seem like a distant dream. Anyone who tries hard enough can get the top grades. All it takes is knowing what you’re talking about and paying heed to essay technique.

Here are some tricks to get higher grades in essays.

1. Length

With every essay, there’s a maximum word count. It’s important to never exceed this word count because tutors will deduct marks, no matter how good it is. Whilst there’s no minimum number of words, you should always aim for the recommended limit. It’s set at this limit for a reason.

Only write if you have something new to say, though. Padding the essay just to meet the word count only dilutes the quality of a piece of writing. If you have to pull up a few hundred words before the limit, consider whether you’ve missed out an important point. If not, just stop.

Structure and Organisation