How to πŸ“– Make Your Essays πŸ“ More Interesting πŸ‘ ...


What makes a interesting essay? Teachers and professors will probably not even address this issue, because they is no specific mark scheme for β€˜interesting’ and other things are supposedly more important. If you check with any official essay rubric, you will see that you can get the highest marks for being clear and logical, for going smoothly from one point to the next, for presenting good knowledge of the course material, for making good use of sources etc. etc., but there is little mention of making your writing interesting.

Should Your Academic Essay be Interesting?

But this does not mean you should not try to make your writing interesting, and in-fact, interesting writing can still be very important even though there is no formal way to mark for it. Why is this? Because while the rubric is rigid and formal, the person marking your essay is a human being, and not only a human being, but a human being marking many other essays which will be very similar to yours. If after the 14th essay they come across yours and see that it is interesting, this gives you a positive bias. Ultimately, your essay does not have to be interesting to get good marks, but it can have a surprising effect on you overall mark if you take the time to make it interesting.

Tips for Making an Essay More Interesting

Every aspect of your writing can be adapted to make it more interesting, including the structure, the content, the background research, and the tone.

1. Think outside the Box

If you are permitted to, don’t rely on the normal writing conventions.

Let Your Personality Shine through