10 Most Excellent Tips for Boosting Your Memory ...


10 Most Excellent Tips for Boosting Your Memory ...
10 Most Excellent Tips for Boosting Your Memory ...

Most of us experience times when we just can’t remember even the most simplest things. It might be a word you use every day but all of a sudden the spelling escapes you, a significant date or even the answer to an exam question you know you revised at least a hundred times. Despite the digital age affording us the means to recall data in a flash, there’s still nothing to compare with having a good memory. Need to know how to improve yours? Read on for some excellent tips on how to boost your memory.

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Separate into Chunks

Separate long bits of information such as telephone numbers and things to do lists into chunks. It’s the same reason that bank card numbers are separated into four bits. Put things into chunks and your mind will recall them easier.


Don’t Cram

Do not cram it all in!! Space out the things you must remember. If you need to cram for learning purposes then separate bouts of reading with note taking and drawing spider diagrams. Repeat the more important things to yourself and be creative. If you are learning chemical formulas, then make a little GIF animation of it on your pc, you will never forget it.


Make Cues

If you need to remember to do something, like put the bins out this evening then make yourself a cue. If you are at work planning your evening, think “once I have put on the oven, take out the rubbish”. Then you have a back-up plan for if you forget it during the day.


Use Images

You may also use images in the same way. This can accompany your cue. If you need to peel potatoes tonight and they are near your bin, then remember to put out the rubbish when you get the potatoes. Use the visual image of the potatoes near the bin.


Make the Recollection Meaningful

If you need to remember a random fact like a pin number, then add something to it to make it more meaningful. If you have a pin number close to a the beer commercial, where they say the name and then 1884, then use that image to recollect your pin number. Even if that beers date only has two digits in similar, the chances are that when your mind is blank, if you remember two then you will remember the rest.


Make It Personal

You can also make it personal, for example has one of your family members’ birth dates got two or more digits similar to your pin number?. If so then try to attach the idea of them to your pin number.


Use the Roman Room Method

The roman room method includes imagining a large hall of rooms with labels on the doors. Inside of each of these rooms you assign a thing you must remember. When you need to recall such things then you can walk these halls and recall them. For example if you are remembering sociology lessons. The first door may be called affects of economic depression the next may be call seasonal affective disorder on populations. Then within each room you hold the details of the conditions.



A less fancy way is to be boring and do the same routine every day. If you are often forgetting where you leave things then set a place for them at home, at work and in the car, and then always leave them there. That way the force of routine will allow you to remember them.



These are the things you learn in school to remember phrases and such. These can rhyme like “Thirty days have September, April, June and November”. You can just make up sentences based on their first letter, like the saying “Richard of Yorke Gave Battle in Vain’ to remember rainbow colours


Eating Oily Fish

Often said is the idea that Omega-3 oils found in oily fish, walnuts, pumpkin and flax seeds will build and maintain your supply of myelin, the substance that helps your nerves function properly, that is said to help brain power in a similar vein. The idea being that the fatty acid that help the nerves transmit chemical signals will also have the same benefits in the brain.

No doubt you have already forgotten the first tip so you need to start reading again!

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