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7 Signs You Work for a Bad Company ...

By Corina

There are a few signs you work for a bad company that you should pay attention to if you’re trying to live a happy and fulfilled life and you worry lately that your job is not helping you succeed that. I know that it can be quite hard to decide when it’s the right time to quit your current job and start searching for something that will make you feel happier, since everyone faces a lot of economic problems nowadays. It’s not impossible to find the job of your dreams, you just need to risk a little bit sometimes and to avoid making all kind of bad compromises that might cause you more harm than good. So, here are a few signs you work for a bad company you should consider if your job makes you feel pretty miserable.

1 You Are Not Treated Respectfully

The fact that you are not treated with the respect you deserve for doing your job flawlessly is definitely one of the signs you work for a bad company. If you have talked to one of your superiors about this issue and they still don’t give you the credit you deserve or if they don’t show you respect, then maybe it’s time to find a different job, one where you will be treated with courtesy.

2 They Don’t Take into Consideration Your Ideas Even if They Are Good

A company which doesn’t take into consideration your ideas even if they are brilliant, doesn’t deserve you. They should encourage you to grow because their company will grow and prosper with you as well. They shouldn’t prevent you from improving yourself; after all, you’re not a machine. Maybe it’s time to search for a different job, where people will value your ideas and where they will let you put them into practice.

3 All the Other Employees Are Miserable

If you’ve noticed that all the employees from your workplace are feeling miserable and that the company you’re currently working for is to blame for that, you should definitely pay attention to this warning sign before ending up like one of your co-workers. If they don’t keep their promises, if they treat everyone with disrespect and if don’t think about their employees’ well-being, then this is definitely a company you should avoid in order to protect yourself and your happiness.

4 Your Boss is a Bully

Have you realized that your boss is a recognized bully, and that no one from the upper management of the company you work for seems to have a problem with that? Well, I must tell you that you might be in trouble. Have you been the target of sexual harassment, jokes that are sexist or have you received any homophobic comments? If so, it’s best to leave that place and start looking for something, because most likely, that company is extremely toxic and you should definitely stay away from it.

5 Your Co-workers Gang up on Each Other

Sometimes a little competition doesn’t hurt, but if you work for a company where your co-workers frequently gang up on each other and no one does a thing about it, then you may be facing a problem. Since you spend a lot of time there each day, you should feel happy at work and you shouldn’t have to deal with hatred or with other negative emotions. Harassment is not okay, especially at work; you and your colleagues should be a team and not on different sides!

6 Your Body Tells You to Quit

Most of the times, your body knows what’s best for you, so listen very carefully if it is trying to tell you something about your job. Don’t be afraid to try something else, something new! Take a chance and fight for your happiness! There’s no point in being stuck in a dead-end job especially when you are such a talented and resourceful person. If you’ve noticed that lately you can’t get any sleep because you can’t avoid thinking about all the bad things that happen to you at work every day, if you have constant headaches and all that stress you’re experiencing made you lose you appetite, then you should think twice before you decide to keep your current job.

7 They Treat Their Customers Badly Too

“An indicator of good leadership within a company is a certain level of loyalty and commitment from a company’s customers” If you’ve noticed that the company you work for treats their customers badly as well, then you should start looking for other options. That company definitely doesn’t deserve you or its customers and with that attitude it will shortly go bankrupt and you wouldn’t want to be there when the boat sinks, wouldn’t you?

Working in a company that is bad for you can cause you quite a lot of problems. Try to avoid them by paying attention to various signs which might let you know that your company doesn’t deserve you. Have you ever worked for a bad company? What other signs of working for a bad company someone should take into consideration? Please share your advice with us in the comments section!


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