7 "Rules of Being a Lady" That Just Don't Make Sense ...


Growing up, my parents always tried to teach me the proper rules of being a lady. Everything from how to act, to what to say, and even how to look. Of course when I was young, I believed all of these rules, until I grew up. Looking back, so many typical “rules of being a lady” honestly have no place in the modern woman. We are allowed to act differently than our parents did growing up. We are allowed to go against the grain more. So of all of the “rules of being a lady,” here are the must absurd ones that truly don’t make sense anymore.

1. Ladies Never Curse

Of all of the rules of being a lady, this one is the most bullshit. Growing up, my father always told me that a lady never curses and naturally I believed him. So I spent a good majority of my life avoiding swearing. Then I grew up and realized that this was the dumbest thing ever. I am not saying that you should have the mouth of a sailor, but you shouldn’t be afraid to say the f-word when the situation calls for it.

Ladies Are Always Put Together
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