7 Rockin' Ways to Celebrate a Birthday ...


7 Rockin'  Ways to Celebrate a Birthday ...
7 Rockin'  Ways to Celebrate a Birthday ...

Your birthday comes but once a year and you if you're like anyone else, you want to celebrate in style and have as much fun as possible. Instead of the usual cake and ice cream, why not enjoy one of these new and different ways to celebrate a birthday? They're so much fun!

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

What better way to view the world than from far above it. Available in tourist hotspots around the world, hot air balloon rides can offer you a way to see the world from an entirely different perspective while simultaneously providing a small rush of excitement. First performed in Paris, France in 1783, hot air ballooning has, since that point, continued to rise in popularity. Whether you’re visiting New York, Colorado, Arizona, or South Dakota you can find opportunities to enjoy this adventure.


Celebrate at Your Favorite Restaurant

Lingering over your favorite dinner and a nice glass of wine, surrounded by a few friends, what could be better? Everyone has that one special restaurant in town. That one place you love so much you’d willingly eat there every night of the week. Why not take advantage of this simple pleasure. A moment doesn’t necessarily have to be layered with tinsel and frosting to be unique and special. Take a few hours to sit down for lunch or dinner with those you are closest to. The best part about it is, at least for one day, you’re not required to do the cooking.


A Night on the Town

For those of us who prefer the tempo a little more upbeat saunter down to the nearest nightclub. If you live in a city you’ll find this especially convenient. Sip a drink, rock to the music, chatter with acquaintances. If the idea better suits you, haul along one or two. Get your nerves sizzling and your heart thumping. It’s no surprise these hotspots have survived generations of change- some things never get old.


Visit Your Favorite Landmarks

For those of you who prefer a little different angle- take a stroll to your favorite landmark. Or if the case may be- a flight. The world is full of places waiting to be experienced, why not give it a try? In my case, living practically next door to beautiful national parks, I have options readily at my disposal. Even so, the whole world is out there waiting to be explored. What about that trip to China you always dreamed of taking, or that tour of the Italian countryside. The possibilities are endless.


Grab a Seat at a Sports Event

Given the option, I’d go for the NBA hands down- especially in the case of the Warriors. If that’s not what floats your boat, don’t hesitate to check out the season. Perhaps you go for baseball, or maybe soccer is more in your line. For those of us who are real sports fanatics, an afternoon spent cheering on our favorite team, experiencing the rush first hand, is heaven on earth. Between the mix of drama and adrenaline what could possibly be better. Not to mention you can be assured if you dare to drag your significant other along for the ride, he likely won’t do much complaining.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Share the Moment with That Special Someone

Perhaps a quiet afternoon alone together is more in your line of thinking. No hype is needed to make the day ideal- just a bag of popcorn and a classic movie. I know, from experience, this is sometimes the case. My son, a techie by trade, would take a movie and snacks with his family any day over a roaring party. If that’s what makes your day more power to you. Sometimes those quiet moments spent with that one special person are more memorable than all the adventure in the world.


Vegas Anyone?

Slots, drinks, and lights-what could be better? With that one special day a year to provide the perfect excuse to burn money, a good time is certainly on the books. Add to that the sea of events infinitely at your disposal and you’re sure to never get bored. Just make sure to check the calendar before you take off on a plane and know that your biggest problem is likely to be what to do first.

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