7 Reasons You Deserve and Need Me-Time ...

Reasons you need me-time aren't just an excuse for wasting time. Sometimes we get so overworked thinking we must do it all or have it all. I know I personally can have a hard time winding down at the end of the day if I feel like I still have too much to get done, or that I didn’t accomplish enough with the day. This list is for anyone who feels like me-time is selfish! Please keep on reading to learn some reasons you need me-time, and then make sure you take some me-time this week!

1. You Work Hard

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Of course, one of the reasons you need me-time is because you work hard! Whether you are a career woman, a stay at home mom, a freelancer, a student, or running your own business, you work hard all day! Taking a bit of time for yourself is only fair; after all, you dedicate hours of your time to other people or projects all day long.

2. Down-time Helps You Re-focus

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You know how you just feel ready to return to your “real world” after a vacation? That’s because a little downtime helps you to re-focus! It’s easy to face issues, work related problems, and the day-to-day grind after you have had some time to unwind, let it all go, and clear your mind. You may even gain a fresh perspective on certain issues!

3. You Need to De-stress

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Stress is no good. Besides hampering your social life, it can come between relationships, set you up for failure at work or school, and it ages you and kills your immune system! The best way to beat stress is by regularly scheduling some relaxation time. A massage, a pedicure, a marathon of your favorite TV series with a tub of ice cream, or an hour laying in bed with a good book whatever you need to do in order to de-stress, make it happen!

4. Me-time is Good for Your Health

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Being stressed out and overloaded can contribute to a lot of different health factors. Your immune system can be weakened if you are under constant pressure, which exposes you to lots of risks. And that’s just your physical health! Mental health is important too, and if you’re stressed out, odds are that you may be emotionally overloaded.

5. Relaxing Isn’t Selfish

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Maybe this is hard to embrace, but try to remember that taking a little “me-time” isn’t selfish! I know it can be hard to swallow when you have multiple projects you could be doing, or friends or neighbors or your children who could use your attention, but remember, you are a person too! You have needs, and one of them is taking some time to mentally clarify your mind.

6. Exercise Doesn’t Count as Me-time

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Getting a sitter for 30 minutes while you work out doesn’t count as “me-time”. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is wonderful for your health but since you are working up a sweat, it doesn’t count as relaxing! Try to fit in an hour or two a week that doesn’t involve your gym, and let that count as your “me-time”!

7. Me-time Boosts Your Energy and Confidence

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When you’ve had a moment to rest and clear your mind, it’s easier to face the day with a renewed and clarified mind! Your energy levels will be higher, and you will be confident at your daily tasks. Try it; you will see that I’m right!

With all these great reasons for relaxing and taking a little me time, you’re out of excuses as to why you need to work more overtime or spend your only day off running errands for your friend and helping your nephew finish his project for science fair and walking your elderly neighbors dog. It’s great that you love to do good deeds, but it’s time to do a good deed for yourself! In what ways do you enjoy spending “me-time”? Please, share your answers below!

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