7 Questions to Answer before Accepting a New Job ...


7 Questions to Answer before Accepting a New Job ...
7 Questions to Answer before Accepting a New Job ...

There are some questions to answer before accepting a new job. You’ve done it! Been to the interview, survived the grilling and have been offered the position. It’s your dream job. Or, you’ve been looking so long you thought you’d never get hired. Or, finally, it’s that promotion you been craving. The excitement of any of these should not blind you to forgetting the questions to answer before accepting a new job.

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Look to Salary Potential

One of the key questions to answer before accepting a new job is your salary potential. A high starting figure means little if your next raise won’t happen for another two or three years. You could enjoy yourself dining at the finest restaurant in town, and later find yourself dining out at Wendy’s because you haven’t received a raise. Even a low starting salary isn’t bad if there’s potential for advancement.


What Happened to the Previous Incumbent?

Another key question to ask before taking a new job is what happened to the person vacating the position. If they left after a short time, this could signal a toxic work environment or limited opportunities. Your interviewer might not be able to share the reasons why the last person left, but if they do it can tell you a lot about the company you’re applying to.


Workplace Atmosphere

You should always see the workplace environment before accepting a job. Take note of how much natural light is in the place and whether conversation flows freely. You don’t want to work in an environment where people are too afraid to talk to each other during work hours. The atmosphere will influence how productive you are and how much you will want to remain with the company. What if you were used to an office and now you will be relegated to a cubicle? This is one of those questions to answer before accepting a new job where the response will be very individualistic. You might be able to put up with a changed and less favorable environment if everything else outweighs it.


Additional Research

The hiring manager isn’t necessarily your boss if you take the position. Ask about who will be managing your department. There have been many people who have shunned asking these important questions before accepting a job only to find their actual manager is someone they just can’t get along with. You should do everything you can to find out about this person. Google their name and check out their social media pages. The way they write and their online interactions can say a lot about their style and personality.


My Outcomes

Some questions to answer before accepting a new job focus on the long-term. Consider the benefits you’re getting if this is just a stepping stone to better things. Is this company going to give you what you want to move forward? If you’re just here for the experience, can you take advantage of any specialist skills they teach, or any employee trainee programs? Look beyond the pay check and understand what this job brings to you overall.


The Daily Commute

Unless this is your dream job, the commute is an important factor and should be one of the important questions about a new job you ask before you sign a contract. If it’s two or three hours away from your home, you have to wonder whether this is viable in the long-term. For most people, it wouldn’t be. You’ve commuted for the interview, but it’s different travelling under rush hour conditions. Test the commute there and back during rush hour and see if it’s viable. If it takes your whole evening to get home, give it a miss.


Where Are You Working?

Let’s move away from the actual commute and focus on where you’re working. This is a vital question to ask before taking a new job because of any relocations you might have to make. You don’t want to find yourself working on the wrong side of town where the locals are unfriendly and you’re travelling through a badly lit area. Ignore your career for a moment. Your well-being is the most important thing. If you don’t feel comfortable travelling into work, you shouldn’t feel compelled to take the job. Most of us would rather work a bad job in paradise than a dream job in hell.

I know it might seem picky in days where some people are fighting to even find a job and get an interview, but if you are a way into your career, these questions are more important than if it’s your first job. Do you always ask these questions before you accept a new job? Do you think they cover all the issues you should consider?

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Don't agree with number 2. That's the worst thing to ask. You look like a nosey moron if you do.

Sometime people don't have too much of a choice, as they need the job desperately!

I agree, I work in HR and you should ask that question. If the answer is the previous person got promotion, it could be a good potential. If the answer isn't favourable, you can figure out what the culture is.

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