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Whether you work in an office or from home, there are always little ways to make life at work easier. For the average person, work usually takes up the majority of your day, so why not make it a little easier on you? These ways to make life at work easier can help you to de-stress, find more happiness in your work, and most importantly, be even more productive!

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Wake up Earlier

One of the first ways to make life at work easier is to start your morning earlier! For one thing, it will give you a more relaxed start to your day where you won’t be rushing around to get ready. It also gives you some time to do a few things for yourself before giving over the rest of your day to your work. Your life at work will become a lot easier if you're not thinking about all the things you still have to do afterwards. Try getting some things done in the early morning instead!


Healthy Breakfast

Now that you have extra time in the morning from waking up earlier, you should use some of that time to cook yourself a healthy breakfast. Eating a healthy, well-rounded breakfast has been proven to help people be more alert and energized during their day. You may not even need your daily cup of coffee! Starting your day with a good meal will help your work day be a little easier by keeping you from fading halfway through the day.


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Being an administrative assistant, there are some work days where I'm sitting for most of the day, while other days I am running all around the office. This is why I leave a bunch of different shoes at the office that I can change in and out of. Have a big meeting you forgot about? No need to stress, you'll have the perfect pair of dress heels under your desk! Need to run back and forth from the copy room to prepare a presentation? Switch into some cute business flats! Your feet will thank you and it will make your work life much easier.


Work in Bursts

Studies have shown that taking breaks between periods of work causes people to be more productive. Thus, try setting up a "break time" when you're working on something. This way, you have something to look forward to throughout your work and you can give your mind a rest to make it easier to work longer. Even if your "break" is taking a walk around your office to the kitchen, it will help you to clear your mind for a bit.


Prepare for Monday on Friday

It's been said that most people mentally shut down from "work mode" at 3pm on Friday. Try not to be one of these people! Instead, prepare yourself for Monday at the end of your day Friday. This way, you can make sure to enjoy your weekend without fretting about all the things you have to get done Monday morning. You will also give yourself a much easier Monday morning than the rest of your coworkers!


Bring in Your Favorite Foods/Drinks

Of all the little ways to make life at work easier, this one is my favorite. I make sure to stock my desk drawer with my favorite teas and snacks. I also make sure to keep my favorite coffee creamer in the fridge. All those little treats make my work day much easier as it helps give me a boost to my day. If I just got over a bad meeting or a tough assignment, I feel better knowing I have my favorite tea and creamer waiting for me back at my desk!


Rid Desk Clutter

There is nothing like a clean desk to make your work day feel much easier! Make sure to clean all of the clutter on and around your work station. If the majority of your area is already clutter-free, then try re-organizing and getting rid of things. It will make it a lot easier for you to try and find things throughout your work week!


Lists Are Your Friend

Lists are a great way to help you to remember all of your priorities as well as keep them in order. It will also give you a better sense of accomplishment when you get to cross each task off. Make sure to keep your list to a minimum and don't take on extra tasks that you won't have time for. Your life at work will be much easier if you don't overdo it on daily tasks!


Have an after Work Activity

Try to plan an after work activity that you can look forward to every day you can. This doesn't have to mean planning a happy hour with friends or going out to a movie with your significant other. It can even be something as simple as taking a bubble bath or catching up on your favorite TV show. If you have something to look forward to after work, it will make getting through the day much easier.


Make a Coworker Friend

This doesn't mean you have to find your new best friend forever in the office, but work on finding someone you are able to vent to. Always make sure that what you vent about is still professional as you don't want to offend anyone! Finding a coworker who has a similar work day as you or knows the people you work with can make your life at work easier as you can get advice from them or vent some frustrations from time to time.


Have a Productive Activity

Let's face it, we all have days at work where not much is going on or we finished everything we needed to do earlier than we thought. Instead of surfing your friends' Facebook pages, take on an activity that is more productive and won't get you into trouble! If you're working in the fashion industry, try starting a fashion blog to research and write posts for in your spare time at work. If you're in marketing, start creating a newsletter to send to others in your department with the latest marketing trends you've found in your free time. Use your free time at work productively and it will keep you from being bored as well as speed your slow day up!

If you don't have a job yet, try to think of what you need in a job or office environment that will make your life easier. Many companies now post about their work environment so it's easier to find a place that will fit you. The easier your life at work is, the less stressful you'll be. What little ways do you use to make life at work easier?

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