7 Top Tips for Revamping Your Resume when Changing Careers ...


7 Top Tips for Revamping Your Resume when Changing Careers ...
7 Top Tips for Revamping Your Resume when Changing Careers ...

If you're thinking about changing careers, it's essential that you look closely at your resume, also known as curriculum vitae in the UK, to ensure that it's going to work for you in this career transition, so there are some top tips for revamping your resume that will have you standing out in the career changing crowd. There are some important things to remember at this exciting (and sometimes a little daunting) time of career changing and it's important to ensure that your resume can make you shine, so here are some tips for revamping your resume.

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Skills Sets

One of the most important things to remember when revamping your resume is to look at the skills sets which are required of you. It's a good idea to do your research and read up on the skills required for the new career you would like to move into. Look online or at job listings to see exactly what they're asking for as more often than not, you probably have a large proportion of the skills they're looking for. Make sure you sell yourself that way.



Volunteering is a great way to boost your resume, especially if you have limited experiences in the field of work you would like to move into. Speak to some people and see if you can gain an unpaid internship or second job within your area of interest in order to gain practical experience. This will show potential employers that you're serious about making the change and that it isn't just a whim.



Think of all the relevant experiences you have had which could link to your new job or career. Don't just look at the work place but look at your life, such as hobbies and travel. These can all be classed as experiences which may count in the field of work you would like to move into. Make sure that all these relevant experiences are included in your resume.


Highlight Strengths

Be sure to highlight your strengths and focus on these when revitalizing your resume. Think about the ways in which you have developed these strengths in your current post or through life in general, to show you are being reflective and that you know that the skills you have gained are transferable.


Lovely Layout

The layout of your resume is very important and there are so many conflicting ways people write their resume that there isn't one set way. Have a look online at the possible templates you could use. Make sure you're clear and concise and there isn't too much information on there, which will make it too busy and incomprehensible. A resume needs to literally sum-up your educational background, strengths, skills and work experiences and show a snap-shot of how amazing you are so they will want to meet you as soon as possible.


Change in Focus

Remember that the focus of your life may have changed and therefore your resume will need to reflect that. If you're currently working in teaching, for example, and would like to move into nursing, you will have gained many skills in the teaching field which will see you in good stead in the nursing profession, but your resume will need to reflect that. Focus on the different experiences which would be relevant in that new field of work.


Seek Advice

There are many specialist resume writing services that you can look into if you're struggling but quite often, your best tools are the people around you. So get someone close to you to look at your resume and help you if you're struggling. Proofreading is essential and other people may be able to spot the mistakes you just can't see for looking, as you will have been staring at it for so long. They also might be able to remind you of things you have done which you may have forgotten about.

These are just a few tips for those looking to change their careers and revitalize their resume . What tips do you have for anyone looking to revamp their resume when changing careers?

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