7 Most Productive Places Where You Will Get Your Work Done ...

By Vladlena

7 Most Productive Places Where You Will Get Your Work Done ...

In order to properly absorb information and study for a test, you must first narrow down your list of the most productive places in which you seem to function best. Places of productivity differ for everyone. While some tend to like noisy areas, other people have to go for quiet environments where you can hear a pin drop. However if you are not sure what type of person you are, go down the list of these most productive places before your upcoming exam!

Table of contents:

  1. starbucks
  2. barnes and noble
  3. local library
  4. your room
  5. classrooms
  6. quiet parks
  7. school tutoring rooms

1 Starbucks

Starbucks Believe it or not, but Starbucks is one of the most productive places! I have spent some of the most efficient study sessions of my life there. Although it is quite noisy, eventually you tend to learn to block out the chatter and focus on what you are reading. Not to mention they have some of the most comfortable chairs and free Wi-Fi! Also it seems like Starbucks has the nicest staff in the world, so they won’t bother you about staying there too long!

2 Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble Barnes and Noble is the perfect place to revise for a test before an exam. Most of the time the atmosphere is really tranquil and calm, and as a plus you are surrounded with hundreds of books with great material that you can use! Although there are no tables or chairs inside most stores, the workers are very lenient about you sitting against the wall. Free Wi-Fi, free information and a calm environment? Count me in!

3 Local Library

Local Library If you are one of those people who can’t study at home and needs a strict environment to study in, the library would be the best spot. It has comfortable chairs, computers, books and people, who are doing the same thing as you. Therefore you are left with no choice but to study yourself. It’s the perfect environment! You won’t even realize how productive you are until you are finally done studying.

4 Your Room

Your Room While some people tend to get really distracted in their own rooms, others find that they can’t study anywhere else. Personally I enjoy the atmosphere of my own room! It’s calm and comfortable, and I have everything I need right before me. I can control my environment and even take naps, when I am tired. Nothing ever beats the comfort of your own home!

5 Classrooms

Classrooms Believe it or not, but classrooms can be very productive environments! As long as you don’t have your close friends sitting right beside you, you are able to concentrate and use your teachers as an automatic information source. After all, they are the ones that are making up the test! So if your teacher designates a period for studying, take advantage of it! You’ll be more productive and have fewer things to do when you get home.

6 Quiet Parks

Quiet Parks If your assignment is something like reading a book, parks can be the ideal places to get your work done. They are serene and calm, and there is nothing there but chirping of the birds. Of course, the colder seasons will not make parks an option, but plan a study session in the park when the warmer seasons approach and see if it is something that fits your requirements.

7 School Tutoring Rooms

School Tutoring Rooms If you seem to be struggling with the subject and need help from others, try out your school’s tutoring rooms. Just make a list of questions beforehand and spend a period going over them. As long as you get a good tutor you are guaranteed to have spent your time productively.

Studying is a tricky thing because different people have their own techniques. Trying different options out and seeing how they work for you, will allow you to learn about your own capabilities and achieve productive results. What is your best approach to studying? Share in the comments!

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