6 Healthy Habits to Help You Be More Productive ...


6 Healthy Habits to Help You Be More Productive ...
6 Healthy Habits to Help You Be More Productive ...

Looking for some healthy habits to be more productive?Maybe you're a little lazier and looking for habits to change your life. If you want to be happier, more productive and super organized follow these 6 easy healthy habits to be more productive.

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Getting up earlier is easier said than done, but this tip really changes your life. Whether you study, work or whatever, try to get up earlier to do more things with your day. Doing even 1 or 2 things before the day starts will increase the productivity of the rest of the day. Put your phone on the other side of the room so you're not tempted by it late at night. Turn snooze off. You will be forced to get up. Prepare for your morning in advance. When you know everything is organized, you know what to wear and your coffee or smoothie is almost ready for you.



It is going to change your life even if you're not spending all morning eating junk. You will save money and you will stop eating so much junk. Choose 1 or 2 days of the week for preparing meals for the rest of the week. You will know what to buy, you'll stop overbuying and you'll eat healthier, spreading intake of vitamins and minerals over the week.



Start reading more. Reading does so many things for you. It makes a difference in the way we are and the way we speak. Don't force yourself to read more, just do it continuously. Two chapters per day will not make you bored. It will expand your knowledge and vocabulary and will make your mind relax from problems. It's kind of like exercising your brain. If you have tons of things to do, use audiobooks and enjoy while cleaning or preparing a meal.



Another thing that will change your life is budgeting for a week to a month. This is so easy to do. Just map out how much money you have coming in. Then map out what bills, insurance, all the necessities and whatever you have to pay. You will have a budget that for rest of the day, week, month. You might even have extra money to spend on going to the cinema, having fun or something else you enjoy.


GO for a WALK

It is a simple way to change your life. Getting fresh air is so good for us, we don't even realize it. We stay inside so much and forget about getting fresh air. Just 10-15 minutes is great to keep you active.



Pick one day a week to taking care of your nails and hair. Washing your makeup on brushes, cleaning your apartment. Takea nice hot bath or shower, do a deep conditioner for your hair, do a face mask. Plan and get things organized for the following week.

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FANTASTIC advice!~ Need more of these in my life now...Thanks much, SPOT~ON!

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