8 Practical Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day ...


8 Practical  Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day ...
8 Practical  Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day ...

If you want to be involved with a fantastic movement, you need some practical ways to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2018. International Women’s Day is an annual event that has gained more and more popularity across the world as the years have gone by. It is a day in which students and working adults alike can take time to both learn about and celebrate influential women in world history, as well as all of the influential women in their everyday lives! In today’s tense social and political climate, it feels like women as a bonded group have a louder voice than ever before. We are here, and we demand to be taken seriously! Whilst you might not be out there chaining yourselves to the vehicles of politicians like the great suffragettes of yesteryear, here are a few practical ways to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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Marching is something you can do to feel like part of the bigger movement, as well as something that can have big visual impact for people who might not necessarily be aware of the issues your are marching to bring to the fore. Joining one of the big organised marches is one of the most practical ways to celebrate International Women's Day and it's a great opportunity to connect with other women. There are International Women’s Day marches held in major cities around the globe.


Work Celebration

No matter area of employment you are in, see what you can do to have your own IWD celebration with the workplace. There are inspirational women to celebrate in all fields, as well as all of the wonderful that you work with right now! Maybe have a coffee morning or a lunchtime gathering – whatever is reasonable and practical within your workplace.


Recognize the accomplishments of female colleagues by setting up an appreciation board where everyone can post notes of thanks or stories of how these women have made a positive impact. Alternatively, create a spotlight presentation, sharing the achievements and contributions of women in your field over the past year. It's a time to amplify voices and give credit where it's due - perhaps even consider teaming up with HR to arrange for a guest speaker or a professional development workshop focused on women's leadership and growth. The key is to ensure the day is marked with both celebration and meaningful reflection.


Read up

Educate yourself by reading books about women and the unique struggles that they face, as well as the amazing things that they have accomplished! A few we are loving right now include Foreign Soil by Maxine Beneba Clarke, Difficult Women by Roxane Gay and This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busquets.


Watch Movies

There is no better time than IWD to celebrate women in film! It is still an industry where there are huge pay and opportunity gaps between genders, so show your support from women in film by watching some of the very best examples of their work like 13th directed by Ava DuVernay or Hidden Figures starring Taraji. P. Henson.


Networking Events

If you really want to be serious about women advancing in your field, then you should attend a women’s networking event in order to make as many useful connections and professional relationships as possible. Be part of the solution! Look for local groups like Women in Business.



Research some of your nearest women’s charities and refuges and choose one to donate some of your cash to. Clothes and kids stuff is always welcome too. There is absolutely no shame in throwing money at a problem if you don’t always have the human time to give.


TED Talks

The TED Talks YouTube channel is filled with inspiring and motivating talks by inspirational women from all corners of the globe. Go ahead and spend some time immersing yourself in their amazing words and you might find yourself learning more than you could possibly have imagined.


Do Something Kind for the Women in Your Life

If you don’t have the money to donate, then donate your time instead! Try to do as many small kindnesses to the women in your life. Show your gratitude to them for being inspiring presences in your life with little gifts. Nobody ever turned down a gift card, after all!

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