Petite Girls Can Relate to These Problems All Too Well ...


Petite Girls Can Relate to These Problems All Too Well ...
Petite Girls Can Relate to These Problems All Too Well ...

There are certain annoying things that comes with being petite but at least we can try to laugh about the struggle together! Being petite myself, I'm pretty sick and tired of always having to deal with these things. I'm telling you, the struggle is real!

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Clothes Are Too Big

human hair color, hair, blond, clothing, person, One of the most annoying things is how clothes are always too big for us and end up being baggy around the sides. It's kind of hard to wear something fitted and flattering when we're being swallowed up in material, right? We must have our special clothes fitter, tailor or seamstress on speed dial because all the clothes we buy have to be altered in some way whether that's taken in or taken up. It's a nightmare, for sure!


Being Swallowed up in Maxi Dresses

black and white, cartoon, monochrome, monochrome photography, illustration, It's pretty hard, if not impossible, for petite women to pull of maxi dresses. We love the look of them and would do anything to put it on and look just as amazing as tall girls would, but it's just never the same! The material just ends up hanging all around our small frame and it just doesn't look right (sigh).


Always Being Called 'tiny'

emotion, screenshot, album cover, romance, If you're a fully grown women and you're on the petite side, you'll know how annoying it is when people (even if you don't know them) take one look at you and their first reaction is 'omg, you're so cute and tiny!' Even though they mean well, it can make us feel like we're infants again which is definitely not how we want to feel when meeting new people!


Feeling Small Next to Everyone else

hair, person, hairstyle, interaction, Everywhere we go we end up feeling small next to everyone else! We try and solve this problem by wearing super high heels, but still they always seem to be so much taller! And because of this, people often don't see us and we go unnoticed, (sob) even when we're trying to stand out from the crowd.


People Trying to Carry You

clothing, image, red, Because we're so petite and usually pretty light, people are quick to pick us up every time they see us. It's like they see a petite person and can't resist the urge to show how easily they can pick you up. Although this could be quite fun when we were younger, it does get a wee bit old and annoying when people are still doing this while we're in our twenties!


Shopping is Impossible

fashion, dress, stage, gown, fashion design, There is almost nothing harder than shopping for a petite person. Not every store has a 'petite' range of clothes to choose from, so a lot of the time we're stuck having to buy clothes for an average sized person. The problem with this is that they're made for a bigger frame in mind, so clothes are too big and don't look how they're meant to on us. Online shopping can also be a nightmare, especially since you can't try the clothes on first to see if they will fit our small and petite frames. A lot of the time we end up having to send things back because it's just too big or too hard to be altered so it can fit us properly.


Not Being Able to Reach Anything

mammal, dog, floor, animal shelter, dog like mammal, Something petite women face every single day of their lives, pretty much! We know the scenario all too well; something is up high and we can't reach it...even when we're standing on tippy toes. Either we can stand there jumping in an attempt to grab it while we're in the air, or we must resort to dragging over a chair and standing on it. Either way, it's annoying to not be able to reach something we need (which would be totally easy for average sized to tall people)!

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I love being petite!

I'm 4 foot 8 and everyone always wants to pick me up and carry me. I'm not a touchy person so it drives me nuts. Like can you not?

Yea I totally agree

Hello guys

Shopping is a nightmare and I am so over hemming everything... So I have not many new clothes...


This article related to me on a spiritual level

Being petite is awesome!

Lol yep! Shopping can be super hard cause I am petite but I have boobs and wide hips so having a fuller figure makes it a little more complicated

My man loves men

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