7 Tips for Girls Going Clubbing for the First Time ...


7 Tips for Girls Going Clubbing for the First Time ...
7 Tips for Girls Going Clubbing for the First Time ...

If you're thinking of going clubbing for the first time, it really pays to be prepared before you go out and organise as much as you can!

Follow these quick but important tips for your night out and remember to think things through to ensure you're making good decisions.

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Go with Friends

audience, crowd, event, girl, Going clubbing for the very first time can be daunting and even intimidating - especially if you're just going solo!

However if you with a couple of close friends or even a whole group of people, you'll be able to stick together and help each other out if anything should happen while you're out.

Often it's better to go with friends because you can share the fun experience with other people and all have a night to remember!


Take Your ID

event, crowd, rave, disco, nightclub, Sometimes it may be tempting to leave your ID behind - you've gotten all dressed up and are confident you look older than your age!

However, even though you may think you look older than you actually are, remember that others (like bouncers and bartenders) may still be sceptical and ask for your ID just to be on the safe side.


Be Street Smart

crowd, audience, event, fun, performance art, This goes without saying and I'm sure most girls would already know to do this, but being street smart can definitely be harder if you've had a couple of drinks and you're not thinking straight. You must always prioritise your safety!

Trying to do things when you're tipsy or drunk can be a lot harder than every other day when you're totally sober - even little things such as opening doors or finding your keys can seem like a mission at the time!

If you're going out on the street after you've had a few, make sure you remember to be super street smart and it may even pay to take a friend with you, just to be safe.


Keep your phone charged and within easy reach. Should you find yourself in a pickle or just need to order a cab, having a powered-up phone is vital. Also, trust your instincts - if a situation or person doesn't feel right, listen to that inner voice and remove yourself from the scenario. And remember, there's no shame in turning down that last drink; keeping your wits about you is more than just a good idea, it's essential for maintaining control and enjoying your night to the fullest.


Watch Your Drinks

audience, crowd, session musician, bar, musical instrument accessory, Always watch your drinks! This can't be stressed and emphasised enough for young women going clubbing - not just for the first time but every single time! If possible, insist on buying your own drinks yourself or get a female friend to buy them for you.

You're also right to be hesitant about accepting drinks from strangers or even a male friend you know, even if they haven't messed with your drink beforehand. It's just not worth taking a risk to find out.


Have a Limit

event, nightclub, fun, disco, club, Since this is you're first time going clubbing, it's fair to say that you won't have much experience with drinking in clubs or possibly coming home in the wee hours of the morning.

One thing you can do which will let you fully take control is to have a drinking limit (2 drinks, 3 drinks?) and stick to what is supposed to be your last for the night.

Also have a general time that you will plan to leave by to ensure you get enough sleep and have time to let your body rest after all that dancing, drinking and partying! Having lots of fun in a club is a really easy way to lose track of time and you'll have been out for the entire night before you know it.


Have Transport Home Organised

audience, entertainment, purple, performance art, performance, It might seem easier to think about how you're going to get home when the time comes, but it's also not good to rely on yourself if you stumble out of a club after having tossed a few back.

Remember that your judgement won't be nearly as good or accurate as it normally is, so do yourself a massive favour by organising transport home before you even get to the club.

This will also save you from being in a sticky situation where you have no way of getting home and may be tempted to accept a ride from a stranger...which you should never do!


Have Fun!

crowd, social group, audience, entertainment, stage, Even though there's a few things to think about and get organised before you go out, remember to have fun! You're going clubbing and that's one of the best times to let your hair down and go with the flow!

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Most definitely watch your drinks from bartender till finished drinking it!

jkbhatia remember

I felt a little bit silly holding my (two) drinks the whole time last night, but yes I did have a great time 😄 I hardly ever get out

Hi lucy want to inform you that this complete article was written by me on wordpress its just the copy paste all lines are same

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