Merry Doggone Christmas Perfect Presents for Your Pup ...


This holiday season, you can't forget about your favorite furry friend, which is why you need to buy a few presents for your pup. You don't want him to be the only one without a gift to unwrap, do you? Let him dig his claws into something special that you picked out just for him. Here are some of the cutest presents for your pup that he'll just love to receive from his favorite human:

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Bake a Bone

Bake a Bone $27 at
You won't have to head to the store for yummy, original dog treats when you buy your pup one of these machines. It comes with a bunch of healthy recipes for your doggie to enjoy. This is one of the best presents for your pup, even though you'll have to do a little work whenever he wants a bone. But isn't your pal worth it?


Hide a Squirrel

Hide a Squirrel $16 at
If your pup barks at squirrels whenever he sniffs one outside, then he'll love this little puzzle. It comes with plush squirrels to stuff inside of a plush tree trunk. It challenges your dog to get the little toys out of the holes.


Coal Dog Toy

Coal Dog Toy $13 at
Has your doggie been naughty this year? If he has, then you have no choice but to stuff his stocking with coal. Of course, you don't really want to punish your pup, which is why you should get coal in the form of a squeaky toy.


Festive Treats

Festive Treats $15 at
If your dog rips apart every toy you give him, then you can always give him the gift of food instead. These yummy treats come in red and green so that they appear festive. Your dog will feel like he's enjoying the holidays as much as you are.


Cozy Bed

Cozy Bed $50 at
Does your dog like to hide under blankets? If he always wants to be cozy, then this bed is perfect for him. It has a little overhang so that he can crawl beneath it and feel protected.


Smiling Ball

Smiling Ball $10 at
This gift may be a little more entertaining for you than it is for your pup. It's just a normal ball that you can toss around--except it has fake teeth. When your dog chews it, he'll be giving you a silly smile.



Umbrella $11 at
Does your doggie refuse to go outside when it's raining? Well, if he needs to go to the bathroom, you should protect him with an umbrella built just for him.


Doggie Fountain

Doggie Fountain $25 at
This contraption will give your pup water whenever he wants it. Instead of setting out a bowl for him that needs to be refilled, you can get this for him to step on whenever he gets thirsty.


Dog Stache

Dog Stache $15 at
If you want to make your pup look cuter than he already does, buy him this ball with a mustache attached. When your doggie chews on the ball, it'll look like he has a giant mustache. Oh, what fun.

If you have a pet, don't forget to buy him or her a gift for the holidays. What breed of dog do you have? What are you planning on buying him this year?

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