Lifesaving Ways to Escape an Attacker's Grasp Every Girl Needs to Know


Lifesaving Ways to Escape an Attacker's Grasp Every Girl Needs to Know
Lifesaving Ways to Escape an Attacker's Grasp Every Girl Needs to Know

Unfortunately, the world isn't actually a safe place. You could be in danger while walking through a parking lot or walking home from school. Of course, just because someone grabs you doesn't mean that you're going to get hurt. If you know how to handle yourself, then you'll be able to get away safety. If you're worried about your ability to outsmart an attacker, here are a few lifesaving methods to escape from someone's grasp:

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Escape from a Bear Hug

If someone grabs you from behind, then you should drop your weight and step on their foot as hard as you can. After you do that, you should kick your foot back to hit your attacker in the groin. Grabbing the person's ear or head butting them are also options. Do whatever you can to force them to loosen their grip on you.


Being attacked can be a terrifying experience, and it’s important to know how to protect yourself if it happens. One type of attack is a bear hug, which is when someone grabs you from behind. Knowing how to escape from a bear hug can be a lifesaving skill for any girl.

The most important thing to remember when escaping a bear hug is to drop your weight. This will make it harder for the attacker to hold onto you. Once you’ve done this, you should kick your foot back to hit them in the groin. Grabbing the person’s ear or head butting them are also options. Do whatever you can to force them to loosen their grip on you.

It’s also important to make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. If you’re being attacked in a public place, then try to make as much noise as possible. Screaming for help will draw attention to you and the attacker will likely run away. If you’re in a private location, then try to get to a public place as soon as possible.


Escape from a Shirt Grab

If an attacker grabs your shirt to keep you in place, you should grab their hand with your hand and squeeze the sensitive areas of their skin. If you squeeze the right spot, then it should force them to loosen their grip on you. After that happens, try to twist their wrist to cripple them.


To amplify your effort, use your other hand to strike at vulnerable points such as the attacker's eyes, throat, or nose. Remember, the goal is to create pain to distract them, thereby increasing the chances they'll release you. Don't hesitate to knee them in the groin if it's within reach – this could give you a vital moment to escape. Time is critical, so act swiftly and with full force. Once you break free, run to a safe place and immediately seek help or call for assistance. Your safety is paramount, so focus on putting as much distance between you and the threat as possible.


Escape from a Front Choke Hold

If someone attempts to choke you, you should try to keep as calm as you can in order to lose the least amount of oxygen as possible. Once you feel their hands on you, you should grab their wrists and pull them down so you can kick them in the chest or groin. You could also try hitting them or elbowing them in the face. If you can do both of those things at the same time, even better.


When faced with an attacker, it is important to know how to defend yourself. One of the most common forms of attack is a front choke hold, where an attacker grabs the victim from behind and tries to choke them. It is important to remain calm and take action quickly in order to escape the hold.

The first step is to grab the attacker's wrists and pull them down. This will loosen their grip and give the victim an opportunity to kick the attacker in the chest or groin. If the attacker is too strong, the victim can also try hitting or elbowing them in the face. This will create enough of a distraction for the victim to escape.

Once the victim has escaped, it is important to get to a safe place as quickly as possible. It is also important to remember to call the police and report the incident.

In addition to physical defense, it is important to take steps to prevent an attack from happening in the first place. This includes being aware of one's surroundings and avoiding walking alone in dark or isolated areas. It is also important to trust one's instincts and to be aware of any potential danger. If someone looks suspicious, it is best to stay away and find a safe place.


Escape from the Ground

It's easier to get away from someone when you're standing upright. However, if someone has you on the ground, then you should pull their head toward your chest and dig your thumbs into the person's eyes. Even though you wouldn't want to intentionally blind someone, it's something you need to do if you're in a life or death situation.


The Two Hand Wrist Grab

If someone grabs your wrist with both of their hands, you can do a variety of things. This video will show you all of the different methods that you can try. Some are more difficult than others, so if you're not very athletic, you should practice the easier ones on your friends (without actually hurting them).


Assertiveness is key when dealing with such situations. One technique involves the use of leverage — twisting your arm against the weakest part of their grip, which is usually the thumb. You can also step into the grab to close the distance, making it harder for the attacker to maintain their hold. Remember, quick and decisive movements are crucial. It's also important to make noise to draw attention and potentially scare off the aggressor. Training these techniques regularly helps build muscle memory, ensuring that you're ready if you ever need to use them in real life.


Escape from Zip Ties

If you're unable to escape from an attacker and they end up using a zip tie to bind your hands together, there's a way to escape from them. As long as you can put your hands into the right position, then you can manage to move your arms in a way that will break the tie apart.


Zip ties are commonly used by attackers to restrain their victims, but knowing how to escape from them can be a lifesaving skill. The key is to create space between your wrists and the zip tie by pulling your hands apart as much as possible. Then, quickly bring your arms down and forcefully push your elbows outwards. This will create enough pressure to break the zip tie. It's important to practice this technique beforehand to ensure you can execute it effectively in a high-stress situation. Additionally, carrying a small tool, such as a hairpin or paperclip, can also help you pick the lock of a zip tie if necessary.


Important Pressure Points

There are plenty of pressure points on the human body that you can use to your advantage when you're in a dangerous situation. There are spots by your elbow, by your knee, and by your ankle. Make sure you learn them so you can protect yourself if the need arises.

These moves could save your life, so make sure you pay close attention to each video. Have you ever taken a self-defense class to learn how to protect yourself?

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Thank you for sharing! Very helpful and important information.

Could you maybe give me the link to the 4th video?

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I will be a black-belt in a couple of months. Some of these things wouldn't work, but surprisingly some of these that you posted here are similar to some of the things that I have been tought in my martial arts classes.

Thank you

I love martial arts, (I go Thai boxing) and these things are just so amazing! And inspiring ❤️ ... I know this was probably for helping women getting attacked but.. I LOVED it.

I highly recommend taking a local women's self defense course if you want to be able to effectively protect yourself! Practicing techniques which are proven to be legitimate (not from some internet hacks!) is the only way to truly learn and be safe!

So helpful

Oh gosh great great post. I hope I never have to go through that hell aaaargh

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