7 Katy Perry Songs I Love ...

I’m not much of a fan of pop music, but I do have one particular Pop Princess that I can’t seem to resist: Katy Perry. Her music is completely catchy, utterly poppy, and I just love it! I even confess to dancing around in my car when I hear “Firework.” That’s right! Me, a grown adult, dancing like a silly school-girl with the radio! And “Firework” isn’t the only song of hers I adore… here are 7 Katy Perry songs I love!

1. E.T. Featuring Kanye West

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Though I still haven’t forgiven West for his slight to sweet little Taylor Swift at last year’s Grammys, I do love him in this song by Katy Perry. I swear it sounds right out of the Twilight movies, only, since I’m not a Twi-hard, I like it MORE than the movie soundtrack. It’s sexy, hot, and original.

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