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I’m not much of a fan of pop music, but I do have one particular Pop Princess that I can’t seem to resist: Katy Perry. Her music is completely catchy, utterly poppy, and I just love it! I even confess to dancing around in my car when I hear “Firework.” That’s right! Me, a grown adult, dancing like a silly school-girl with the radio! And “Firework” isn’t the only song of hers I adore… here are 7 Katy Perry songs I love!

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E.T. Featuring Kanye West

E.T. Featuring Kanye West Price: $0.69 at amazon.com
Though I still haven’t forgiven West for his slight to sweet little Taylor Swift at last year’s Grammys, I do love him in this song by Katy Perry. I swear it sounds right out of the Twilight movies, only, since I’m not a Twi-hard, I like it MORE than the movie soundtrack. It’s sexy, hot, and original.


California Gurls Featuring Snoop Dogg

California Gurls Featuring Snoop Dogg Price: $0.69 at amazon.com
Katy Perry works with a lot of other artists, and they all lend their own unique sound and style to her songs, like this one with Snoop Dogg. It’s fun, and as an original Cali Gurl myself, I like it… it’s poppy, fun, and catchy.


Teenage Dream

Teenage Dream Price: $0.69 at amazon.com
Women of a certain age will remember feeling this way about a boy, and we’ll also remember wishing our boyfriends would do some of the sweet things John Cusack’s character, Lloyd Dobbler, did in “Say Anything.” This song is sugary-sweet, almost unpalatable, but that’s how it’s meant to be, and I like it.



Firework Price: $0.99 at amazon.com
This song is so uplifting and positive, I had to include the version that’s been “cleaned” so even the tiniest fashionistas and fireworks-in-training can listen and enjoy it, too. This song is upbeat, encouraging, so much so that it’s been used in the trailer for “Soul Surfer,” the movie starring Anna Sophie Robb that tells the true-life story of a competitive surfer who returns to the sport after a brutal shark attack left her with only one arm.


Hot N Cold

Hot N Cold Price: $0.69 at amazon.com
Any girl who’s ever had to deal with a drama-queen boyfriend can relate to this song. It’s an anthem for all of the bad dates and ridiculously melodramatic, indecisive boyfriends I’ve ever had, and I love it. This isn’t the clean version, though, so prepare for a little foul language…


Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas Price: $0.99 at amazon.com
Hearing this song, you really can imagine poor Katy Perry and her boyfriend (perhaps Mr. Hot N Cold) waking up with dreadful hangovers and alarming suspicions that they might have gotten married the night before. It’s fun, silly, and fluff-pop… and it’s a lot of fun! I actually kind of like the live version… it has a little more immediacy.


Thinking of You

Thinking of You Price: $0.69 at amazon.com
If I didn’t know this was Katy Perry, I’d never have believed it… it’s sweet, soaring, and her voice is really dramatic in this song. It’s still poppy, but not made for dance… though I could see this being played for “slow dance” at prom…

With so many Katy Perry songs to love, and so much air time devoted to her, I’ll be dancing in my car all summer long! Which of these Katy Perry songs do you like best, or is there another Pop Princess you like me? Do tell!

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