Interesting Furniture Additions for Modern Living ...


Interesting Furniture Additions for Modern Living ...
Interesting Furniture Additions for Modern Living ...

As technology gets smaller, sleeker, and cheaper, companies are finding more any more handy ways to integrate tech into every area of life. Savvy shoppers looking for a modern edge in their houses may seek to add some of these tech-enabled pieces to dazzle friends and add easy luxury into every room of the house. Below are five suggestions for some interesting additions your home may be missing.

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Wireless Charging Lamps

A simple and elegant solution, lamps with wireless charging capabilities have become a common feature in most stores. Because these lamps are often used as a bedside accessory, having wireless charging ports built-in is one less thing to think about before bed. There are dozens of models to choose from ranging from affordable options all the way to over-the-top modern pieces. There are also models available for desk use so even at the office your phone can stay charged all day.


Bluetooth Integrated Table

Another great piece of integrated tech for your home is a Bluetooth speaker table with USB ports. Integrated Bluetooth speakers can be found in everything from faux rocks to water bottles, but end tables with hidden speakers are a more practical option. These tables charge phones, play tunes, and make an interesting statement for any living room, reading nook, or bedroom. With many models and options, tables like these can fit any style while giving keeping your favorite songs in reach.


Smart Mirrors

Looking like it came right from a science fiction movie, smart mirrors are becoming more and more common. Featuring built-in displays, smart mirrors are a way to get important information like weather, calendars, and even traffic delays while you go about your daily routine. Smart mirrors have become affordable for more basic models, and this technology could make your mornings a little less hectic. For the more adventurous, there are even plans available online to turn your ordinary bathroom mirror into a high-tech piece of art.


App-Controlled Thermostats

Smart Speakers like Amazon's Alexa and Google's Home Mini are becoming commonplace in the home. And with this boom, there have been products to integrate smart features all over the house. Smart thermostats are those that can be controlled by an app or voice controls. Nest is the biggest name in app-controlled thermostats, and their sleek, modern design not only looks great, but it can save money on heating and cooling bills too.


High-Tech Sofas

While sofas with technology have been around for years, the latest renditions have taken big leaps forward. Modern tech sofas can come equipped with refrigerators, built-in lighting, USB ports, wireless charging armrests, electric reclining features, and more. A feature of more high-end couches is climate control technology to heat seats in the winter and cool them off in the summer. These sofas can make a statement in a living room and complement any design choices.

Technology has worked its way into many areas of our homes, and smart shoppers can take advantage of these new products to make their lives easier. When shopping for that next addition to your living room, kitchen, or bathroom, consider some of these interesting choices.

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