6 Tips for Getting More Natural Light at Home ...


6 Tips for Getting More Natural Light at Home ...
6 Tips for Getting More Natural Light at Home ...

When it comes to lighting up your home, we believe natural is always best. Aside from looking absolutely showstopping, natural light also offers a myriad of various health benefits that include reduced levels of stress and anxiety, increased absorption of Vitamin D and the stimulation of appetite and digestion. If you’re someone who is looking to find ways to increase the amount of natural light that enters your home, this is the article for you. Today, we have a look at 6 easy tips for getting more natural light at home, so read on to find out more!

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Install Skylights

Investing in a skylight installation is one of the best ways to introduce more natural light into areas in the home that may be lacking in doorways or windows. Skylights not only add natural lighting but also act as solar heating, especially in the colder winter months. You’ll also be able to save on energy costs and improve the ventilation in your home by installing a skylight or two. The placement of your skylights can determine the size that you will need to really brighten or balance a larger room. Some popular options include skylights above the kitchen area, bathroom and living room.


Consider a Fresh Coat of Paint

Did you know that light either reflects off a surface or gets absorbed depending on the color of said surface? This is why those who are looking to brighten their home should consider a fresh coat of paint. Shades of cream, whites, or even yellows will reflect the natural light entering a room and instantly make a space feel brighter and bigger. An expert tip is to always choose paint with a satin finish as it will help reflect light more than matte paint would.


Lightweight Window Treatment

Of course, the best and most obvious way of introducing more natural light into your home is with the help of your windows. The type of window treatment you choose plays a huge role in the amount of light that enters your space, so choose wisely! We highly recommend opting for lightweight blinds, honeycomb blinds or even sheer curtains that allow a nice stream of filtered light into the home without being blinding. Avoid the use of block out blinds in areas such as the living room, dining room and kitchen -- save them for the bedroom or any other space in the home which you would like to keep dark and cosy.


Rearrange Your Furniture

Do you have a large TV cabinet or chair sat in front of your window? When it comes to keeping your space as bright as possible, it is important to think about where your furniture is placed. If any large items of furniture are in front of a window, they will end up obstructing natural light from flowing in. If you find yourself in this predicament, it just may be time to do a little rearranging! Ideally, you will want a layout that helps sources of light have unhindered access to your space.


Decorate with Reflective Surfaces

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? A fantastic way of increasing the flow of light into your home is to decorate with reflective surfaces. This could mean placing a mirror directly across a window, opting for furniture with metallic frames and choosing glossy floor tiles in your living room as opposed to the standard carpet or floorboards. Glass coffee tables and side tables are also a great way of bumping up the number of reflective surfaces in your home, thus resulting in a much brighter looking space.


Pay Attention to Your Garden

Last but not least, don’t forget that the state of your outdoor garden plays a huge role in how much light enters your home. If you have untrimmed hedges, bushes or large trees obstructing the flow of light into your home, the time has come to call a gardener in to tidy up your back and front yard. With a well-pruned garden, you’ll find that much more light enters your home with minimal effort!

And there you have it - 6 simple yet incredibly effective ways to introduce more natural light into your home. We hope that this article has given you a few handy tips and ideas on how you can brighten up your space and enjoy the numerous health benefits of natural light!

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