8 Important Social Media Etiquette Rules to Follow ...


These days it seems like you can’t do anything without tweeting, posting on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and although social media can seem like a cool way to reach out to others and network, there are some social media etiquette rules to follow. We want to be considerate of others as well as not over-sharing information about ourselves so take note of these important social media etiquette rules and share safely!

1. Choose Company Wisely

First and foremost social media etiquette rule to follow is to choose your friends and followers wisely. Remember that even though you might consider yourself to be a free spirit who befriends everyone, current or future employers and friends and family might not be as open as you are so be sure to check out the people you interact with and make sure they aren’t posting inappropriate or offensive things that can somehow be linked back to you!

Post Carefully
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