Awesome Tricks to Help Improve Your Handwriting ...


Awesome Tricks to Help Improve Your Handwriting ...
Awesome Tricks to Help Improve Your Handwriting ...

We're all so used to typing that our handwriting has suffered. However, there will still be times when you'll need to pick up a pen or a pencil. When that happens, you don't want your writing to be illegible. In order to help you improve your handwriting, here are a few tips:

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Write Slowly

text, handwriting, font, calligraphy, art, You've probably noticed that your handwriting looks different when you take the time to write out each letter instead of jotting something down in a hurry. That's why you should slow down whenever you write by hand. That can be hard to do when you're sitting in a classroom with a teacher talking at a mile per minute. However, when you're doing your homework, you'll have plenty of time to write out each word.


Stretch Your Wrists to Loosen Them

Stretch Your Wrists to Loosen Them You don't want your wrists and arms to be stiff when you write. That's why, as silly as it sounds, it's a good idea to stretch your body before writing. That way, everything will feel looser and your words will flow together in the way that they're meant to.


Hold Your Pen Further down

Hold Your Pen Further down You don't want to hold your pen up top, or even in the middle. You want your fingers to be close to the tip that you use to write. If you don't hold your writing utensil properly, then you're going to end up with sloppy handwriting. You need to get the basics down before you'll see any progress, so make sure you practice holding your pen in the correct way.


Move Your Forearms and Not Your Wrist and Fingers

Move Your Forearms and Not Your Wrist and Fingers Moving your wrist is the biggest mistake that people make when they write. You're actually supposed to be moving your forearms, and not your fingers and wrist. This can be hard to do, which is why you can start practicing by writing giant letters in the air with your hand. Once you get the hang of that, you can move on to writing those letters smaller and smaller until you can fit them on a sheet of paper.


Hold the Pen Lightly

Hold the Pen Lightly Some people hold onto their pens and pencils with way too much strength. However, if you want your handwriting to look nice, you need to loosen your grip. That way, it'll be easier for you to create the curves of the letters.


Handwrite More Instead of Type

Handwrite More Instead of Type If you want your handwriting to look better, then you should make a point to write on paper more often. Instead of taking your computer to class, you should bring a notebook. Instead of texting your friends overseas, try writing them a handwritten letter or two. It'll give you practice.


Stay on the Lines

black and white, person, man, photography, male, If your handwriting needs improvement, make sure you pick up sheets on lined paper. If you write on plain computer paper, then you'll end up with slanting sentences of unequal sizes. Of course, if you use lined paper, then it'll be harder for you to make those mistakes. That's why you should always keep a notebook with you.


Practice Basics

pen, writing, calligraphy, To improve handwriting try practicing basic shapes such as lines and circles. All handwriting is is lines and semi circles and poor handwriting is irregularities in the way you make them. When you can consistently make the same shapes over and over down a sheet of paper you can move on and try complete letters.


Use a Directional Chart

text, handwriting, calligraphy, writing, font, It seems very kindergarten but sometimes we forget there's a correct way to make all the letters of the alphabet. By studying a directional chart you will learn the correct ways to make the letters and therefore improve your handwriting.


Try Different Utensils

black, white, black and white, close up, photography, Some people write better in pencil, some write better in pen, practice writing with different utensils and even different thicknesses of said utensils and see which one gives you the best writing. You may even find one you enjoy using the most and that will do wonders for your penmanship!

Even though you learned how to write when you were a little kid, there's still room for improvement. Do you like the looks of your handwriting or does it need some work?

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These are all really helpful tips

I hate my handwriting! I need some serious lessons!

Useful tips

The best way to improve your handwriting is to use a fountain pen or a Calligraphic pen and practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect!

I have really good handwriting

I've bad handwriting when it comes to using marker. 😖 kinda embarrassing to admit that I'm an educator

my handwriting is not at all bad i guess...

Thank you for your suggestions!

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