Life Saving Tips for Surviving a Wild Animal Attack ...

By Holly

You should never hurt an animal, unless it's absolutely necessary to survive. If you're ever stuck in a life threatening situation, you should know how to deal with each type properly. According to Imgur, here are a few ways to handle animal attacks:

1 Snakes

Snakes You don't want to make a snake feel threatened, or else it will strike. That's why you should try to stand still, so that it doesn't feel scared.

2 Bees

Bees You probably have your own approach for dealing with bees, since you see them so often. Of course, this is the best method.

3 Boar

Boar Boars can move pretty fast. Of course, they can't climb trees.

4 Hippos

Hippos These animals aren't as nice as they appear in Disney films. That's why you should remember this advice.

5 Aligators

Aligators Stay away from these animals, if you can. They're as dangerous as they look.

What other tips do you have for staying safe around wild animals?

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