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Laptops and desktop computers aren't just a form of entertainment. You need them to type up school essays and to send out job applications, which is why it's helpful to learn how to navigate a keyboard. If you're still typing with one finger, then you need to do some work until you become a professional who doesn't need to glance at the keyboard. In order to master the skill, here are a few great websites that'll help you learn to type faster:

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Typing Study is a website for beginners who don't know where the home keys are. It will provide you with short lessons on where you should put your fingers on the keyboard in order to type. It'll also give you little exercises that will enhance your typing abilities until you become a pro, which shouldn't take all that long.


Type Racer is the most entertaining way to learn how to type, because it lets you have a miniature race. It pits you against a group of strangers and asks you all to type out the words seen on the screen. The faster you type, the faster your car goes. The first one to finish typing, or to "win the race," is the victor!


Key Br is a great way to learn how to type, because it doesn't ask you to create any actual words. It focuses on one specific letter at a time, so that you learn how to type it with ease. If you're a novice when it comes to typing, then this is a great starter website to use, because it'll help you learn one thing at a time.


Rapid Typing lets you play a game that's similar to Tetris. It'll present you with blocks on the top of the screen that aren't allowed to touch the bottom. However, each block has a word on it that you're meant to spell out in order to make it disappear.


10 Fast Fingers might confuse you a bit, because it doesn't ask you to create complete sentences. It just asks you to spell as many random words as you can in one minute. When you're finished, it'll tell you how many words you're capable of spelling per minute.


Key Hero is another website that will tell you how many words you can type per minute. However, you'll probably do a bit better on this site than on the latter, because it asks you to complete actual sentences, which should allow your fingers to flow across the keyboard smoother.


Speed Typing Online

Here's one last typing test that will tell you just how well you're doing with your keyboard. The best thing about is that you can extend the amount of time it gives you to type. You can even change the keyboard layout and decide if you want to type out a paragraph from a book, a short story, or song lyrics.

It shouldn't take you all that long to get the hang of typing without looking, so don't give up. It's a useful skill to have that can save you tons of time and even help land you a job. Do you have any neat tricks that have helped you learn how to type faster?

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