7 Tips to Help You Decide 🤔 if You Should Keep It or Toss It 🗑 ...


We're pretty good at acquiring new possessions, but not so good when it comes to getting rid of some of the old ones! But if we don't clear out every now and then, we end up surrounded by 'stuff' - most of which we don't actually use. And even if we're not in danger of ending up on Hoarders, having too many things around us can mean that we have cupboards and closets full to bursting. Having too many possessions can hold us back emotionally as well. But letting go can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you decide whether to keep an item, or toss it out …

1. Will You Use It

Are you guilty of hanging on to things that 'might come in useful'? Perhaps you've been taught that you shouldn't waste anything. But this can lead to an awful lot of clutter that you never use. If you're not actually going to use an item, then toss it, recycle it, or pass it on to a charity that can use it or sell it to raise funds.

Do You Love It