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7 Tips to Help You Decide if You Should Keep It or Toss It ...

By Alison

We're pretty good at acquiring new possessions, but not so good when it comes to getting rid of some of the old ones! But if we don't clear out every now and then, we end up surrounded by 'stuff' - most of which we don't actually use. And even if we're not in danger of ending up on Hoarders, having too many things around us can mean that we have cupboards and closets full to bursting. Having too many possessions can hold us back emotionally as well. But letting go can be difficult, so here are some tips to help you decide whether to keep an item, or toss it out …

1 Will You Use It

Are you guilty of hanging on to things that 'might come in useful'? Perhaps you've been taught that you shouldn't waste anything. But this can lead to an awful lot of clutter that you never use. If you're not actually going to use an item, then toss it, recycle it, or pass it on to a charity that can use it or sell it to raise funds.

2 Do You Love It

We should only really give space to things that are useful or that we love. If you own something that's not actually useful but is beautiful to look at, then it's worth keeping, because you'll gain pleasure from looking at it. So if something's neither useful nor a delight to own, get rid.


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3 Does It Suits Your Present Needs, or Have Your Needs Changed

Ask yourself if each item is relevant to your life now. You may keep old work suits even though you're in a job with a more casual dress code, or raising your kids. Or perhaps you're hanging on to a large piece of furniture even though you don't use it. Perhaps a smaller piece could enable you to make better use of the room by fitting in space for a hobby.

4 Did You Choose It

You might have had certain items given to you as gifts, or because they 'might be useful'. Yes, other people can sometimes, with the best of intentions, pass on items like furniture that they think you might want. But if you couldn't say no to something you didn't actually want, then consider discreetly disposing of it.

5 Could You Use the Space Better

There's no denying that possessions take up a lot of space. But could you use that space better? Perhaps you'd like to turn your spare room into a guest room or office, but it's full of clutter. Get rid of the clutter so that you can revamp your room and turn it into the office or hobby room you'd love.

6 You'll Get around to It … Some Day

How many things do you have because you're meaning to get around to using them some day? Either make that day now, or get rid of them. Chances are that if you still haven't made that quilt or that instrument has been gathering dust for years, then you won't get around to it.

7 Old Memories

Finally, sometimes you need to get rid of items that are associated with the past. This could be gifts from an ex-boyfriend, or that remind you of an unhappy time in your life. Anything that has a negative association needs to go, you should only keep those things that remind you of good times.

Apply these tips, and your home will be full of things that make you happy. Your home should be a positive space, so ditch the clutter that you don't need and make room for the things you love!

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