Wall Mounted Tables and Other Innovative Kitchen Inspirations from the Future ...


Wall Mounted Tables and Other Innovative Kitchen Inspirations from the Future ...
Wall Mounted Tables and Other Innovative Kitchen Inspirations from the Future ...

Kitchens typically become the center of homes. If you're cooking, you're hanging out in there talking. Having dinner? You're probably eating at the dining table which is generally off the kitchen. So why not step it up and innovate your kitchen space? From a wall mounted space saving table to a virtual kitchen, these ideas will update your space for the future.

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Wall Mounted Table

While this may not be as flashy an invention as the other items on this list, the wall mounted table is definitely a step into the future. It gives your kitchen an awesome feel while also saving wasted space around a dining table in the middle of the room. Wall mounted tables are a great addition to any updated modern home. Plus, you can find some in any style, color, fit, and even collapsible ones for added space saving technology!


Bio Robot Refrigerator

The Bio Robot Fridge is straight out of science-fiction. It's a sleek-looking refrigerator unit that uses a special odorless, clean, biopolymer gel to store foods in their own separate bubble/compartment. The gel is cooled through luminescence, and you can move the fridge to a vertical or horizontal position, as per your requirements.


The Eco Kitchen

An ecological marvel, the Eco Kitchen is one of the most popular innovations for kitchens of the future. It uses three innovative “microplants” to store and manage liquid, organic and solid waste to recycle each type of waste into a new resource, and it comes with an ingenious irrigation system for plants. Overall, it promises to drastically reduce the ecological footprint produced by most kitchens today.


Wall-Mounted “Personal Ecosystem”

The Wall-Mounted Air Purification System is a leading innovation expected to be found in every kitchen of tomorrow. Basically consisting of a living wall of plants, it will not only decorate your kitchen, but also purify your air and regulate the temperature and humidity of the room to create a far more comfortable cooking environment.


The Modular Kitchen

The Modular Kitchen is a remarkable innovation that we can already admire today. It features a single, compact silver column that has everything you need – from a small refrigerator to an oven and microwave. What's more, the water you use can also be recycled and reused with the dishwasher, as well as to water the vertical garden.


Micro-Induction Heating System

The Micro-Induction heating system is a new type of technology that uses magnetic induction to heat food and is powered by a unique type of high-density sugar crystal battery. But that's not all, girls! Special sensors are also implemented to detect the type of food you're cooking and adjust the temperature.


Space Saving Mini-Kitchens

The Space Saving Mini-Kitchen was developed by French students, and it basically looks like a medium-sized shiny table with all the necessary tools and compartments you'd need in a kitchen. The sink, cabinets, various appliances and everything else you may need can be easily accessed from the same piece of furniture, so you never have to worry about saving room in the kitchen again!


The Critter – Portable Cooking

Somewhere along the same lines as the Space Saving Mini-Kitchens, the Critter is an even more compact table that bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor cooking. Its modular layout allows for customized food preparation, and it provides everything, from pots and pans, to an inbuilt gas stove and sink.


The Virtual Kitchen

Finally, the next 50 years may even bring virtual reality to your kitchen table. Using robotic chefs and stoves to prepare anything from a sandwich to a full 3-course meal, this remarkable innovation for the kitchen of tomorrow will allow you to use a special headset and just think about the dish you want, and get it served within minutes, without even giving any actual instructions. Just imagine that, ladies!

Without a doubt, some of these concepts may sound far-fetched, but the technology to make them happen actually exists. Which one of them would you like to see in your kitchen?


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Very interesting

I am like Andi. I like old fashioned things the good old ways in the good old days.

These technologies sound amazing but I'll never use them. I like having a big old kitchen in which I make everything from scratch. I'm old fashioned I guess.

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