36 Inspirational Bedroom Photos to Pin on Your Secret Vision Board ...


Your bedroom should be your haven. A place where you go to get restful sleep, read a good book or snuggle with someone you love. That means it should be a place that is both welcoming and warm. But you still want glamour and feminine touches, right? If you're thinking of redoing your bedroom and are keeping track of all your ideas, get ready to find a few more to add. Here are the most perfect ideas you'll ever find.

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Light and Bright

white,duvet cover,room,bed sheet,textile, Source: Light & Bright: A Gallery
An all-white color palette makes your entire bedroom light, bright and airy.


Parisian Charm

living room,room,furniture,home,interior design, Source: from Suzanne @ ShabbyChicks: from

This entire bedroom oozes Parisian charm, don't you think? I love the written sentiments and the colors.


Big Mirrors All over

room,living room,furniture,interior design,floor, Source: Quarto da jovem blogueira, por
Check out all your glamour with these big mirrors. They also reflect the light and make your room brighter.


Pops of Pink

room,furniture,pink,product,living room, Source: This website is currently unavailable
Nothing is more feminine than a neutral colored room with some fabulous pops of pink scattered throughout.


Big, Bright Florals

room,property,bedroom,living room,wall, Source: 20 Breathtaking Rooms With Exposed
I love how the pink ties into the rest of the room and the flowers give it a girly feel.


All White Backdrop

pink,room,purple,duvet cover,wedding dress, Source: 10 Tips for Creating a
Choosing white pieces allows you switch up your accents with all the girly colors you love best.


A Fancy Chair

white,pink,room,wall,living room, Source: How to Never Have to
Adding a vintage chair to your room makes it feminine and charming at the same time.


A Vanity for Storing All Your Make-up and Jewelry

furniture,room,interior design,table,living room, Source: Sophie Vanity
Wouldn't you love for this to be your bedroom? Me too!


Gray Walls

room,living room,property,floor,interior design, Source: The Sleekest & Brightest White
Gray walls are neutral and pair really well with feminine colors like pink, purple and turquoise.


Carved Wood on an Ornate Bed

room,bedroom,wall,furniture,bed, Source: 15 Romantic and Feminine Bedrooms
Talk about glamour - this room has it all!


Shabby Chic Bedroom

room,property,furniture,bedroom,bed, Source: 30 Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating
Get a load of that bed frame! Chabby chic is a great choice if you want feminine.


All the Little Details

duvet cover,bed sheet,furniture,product,textile, Source: COLOR OF THE MONTH: PINK
Paying attention to all the girly details is the best way to create the bedroom of your dreams.


Vintage Bedroom

room,bedroom,bed sheet,duvet cover,textile, Source: Vintage Bedroom Ideas
Vintage is fun, but all that old stuff is so inspiring too, don't you think?


Pretty in Pink

furniture,room,duvet cover,bed,bed sheet, Source: theprettyblog.com
This muted pink shade is glamorous and feminine and lets you enjoy the color without being surrounded by neon.


Add a Canopy to Your Bed

mosquito net,room,bed,furniture,cottage, Source: A casa di Carolyn §
Nothing says girly like a sheer bed canopy. I love this one!


Rustic Touches

bedroom,room,property,furniture,bed, Source: 46 Kids' Rooms You'll Both
The rustic chandelier and wooden picture frames give this room glamour and personality.


Glam Bedroom

white,room,bedroom,duvet cover,bed, Source: The Design Co., Toronto
Glamour is definitely abundant in this fancy bedroom. It makes me think of Marilyn Monroe.


Modern and Vintage

white,room,bedroom,furniture,living room, Source: How To Create A Modern
There's really no reason why you can't get a glamorous space by combing the new with the old.


Bring in Some Texture

room,furniture,living room,duvet cover,bed sheet, Source: Newurbanhomes.com
The blanket on this bed is pretty darn marvelous!


Relaxing and Dreamy

white,room,wedding dress,furniture,bridal clothing, Source: Relaxing and Dreamy Dimanche…
It wouldn't be hard to get a good nights rest in this fancy bedroom.


Fabulous Pink Ceiling

room,bedroom,furniture,living room,ceiling, Source: Marcus Design: {house tour: elizabeth
This totally glamorous pink ceiling reminds me of living in a French chateau.


Some of Everything

room,home,furniture,dining room,interior design, Source: * Schlaflos in NRW *
This room is everything you could ever want or need in a feminine bedroom.


Fit for a Queen

room,bedroom,living room,interior design,floor, Source: Step into a Groovy Pad
Even if you aren't a queen, you can totally copy this look in your own bedroom.


A Cheery, Feminine

room,bedroom,bed sheet,living room,interior design, Source: 5 Must-Haves for a Cheery
I love the varying shades of pink and the girly looking wall art.


Layers of Fluffy Bedding

room,property,bedroom,duvet cover,bed sheet, Source: Cozy Cottage-Style Bedrooms
The colors and style of this adorable bedroom is exactly what you want, right?


Feminine with Masculine Touches

white,furniture,room,bedroom,bed, Source: lovelycraftyhome.com
Share your bedroom with your husband? You can still go girly with some manly touches to balance things out.


Soft and Feminine Bedroom in White, Grey and Pink

duvet cover,bed sheet,bed,textile,furniture, Source: ChicDecó: | A soft and
This color combo is hot right now and you can see why, can't you? It's totally fabulous!


Tender and Feminine

room,property,bedroom,living room,furniture, Source: 66 Romantic And Tender Feminine
I love how this bedroom looks feminine, but isn't over the top girly.


White on White

white,room,property,dining room,living room, Source: Victorian Vanities With Royal Style
White on white works if you do it right! This makes me want to give it a try.


Farmhouse Glamour

room,furniture,wedding dress,bridal clothing,gown, Source: 20 Luxurious Teenage Girl Bedroom
This makes me think of a bedroom in a big old farmhouse. Love it!


Wrought Iron Bed

white,room,wall,bedroom,interior design, Source: 50+ Romantic Bedroom Interior Design
Wrought iron is a fun girly material that makes a bedroom perfect.


French Inspired

room,furniture,interior design,bed,textile, Source: LilyAllsorts: 25 of the Prettiest
Can't you just imagine that outside the window is a French winery?


Pink Paint

furniture,room,bed,bed sheet,product, Source: Feminine Shabby Chic Bedroom Interior
A gallon of pink paint can easily transform walls and furniture so they fit with your scheme.


Full of Romance and Softness

room,bedroom,property,living room,ceiling, Source: 26 Dreamy Feminine Bedroom Interiors
This room might be big in size, but it still feels glamours and cozy too.


Pretty Monograms

white,room,property,living room,interior design, Source: Metropolitan Musings: Monogrammed Bedding
Well placed monograms are the perfect choice for making your room your very own/


Love the Feel

room,property,ceiling,living room,floor, Source: Style News, Celebrity Fashion Trends

You have to admit that this room is one you totally want to spend all your time in, right?

Are you inspired to overhaul your bedroom now? What ideas do you have?

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All 36 of the bedrooms are white. Every single one. Might be a tiny bit of color here or there, but 36 white bedrooms are not inspirational.

Pretty, but too feminine for me. I prefer thing to look a bit more grown up.

I wish there was a little adversity. The style is pretty, just repetitive.


Yes I loved number 36, who wouldn't. I could fit most of my flat into it!

Love them very relaxing kinda like my bedroom

I loved no.36.. Maybe one day!

Love the Parisian Charm...all lovely

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