8 Hassle-free Tips to Host a Party ...


8 Hassle-free Tips to Host a Party ...
8 Hassle-free Tips to Host a Party ...

Tips to host a party can cover everything from the guest list to catering. There’s no real formula to hosting a successful party – every event is different – but there are plenty of things you can do to make the event run smoothly. Some people are natural born party planners while others need a bit more help. If you’re one of the latter then check out these hassle-free tips to host a party.

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Plan and Prepare

When it comes to tips to host a party, one of the key things is to have a plan. Prepare everything that you will need in advance to make sure that you’re not rushing around for things on the day. Write a list of things you will need and check them off as you go. Make sure you’ll have enough food and drink to go around, stock up on ice and toilet paper, and make sure there are plenty of seating options for your guests.


Keep It Simple

When you’re hosting a party, stay within your comfort zone. While we might want to impress our guests with something extravagant, sometimes the most successful parties are the ones that are the most simple. Unless your party is a themed event, don’t worry too much on decorations. A centre piece here, a bit of mood lighting there – aim on creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.



Your catering needs will depend on the size of the guest list and the type of party you are throwing. If you’re hosting a dinner party, stick to meals that you’re familiar with and can cook well. For bigger events, stick to no-fail foods that can be prepared in advance. Also check with your guests in advance to see if they have any special dietary requirements. The key is to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. While feeding your guests is important, you can’t be a good host if you’re stuck in the kitchen!


Enlist Help

The bigger your guest list, the more help you’re going to need. Enlist family or friends to help you prepare for the event. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with the clean up either. If it’s an option, you could also hire help for your party.


Meet and Greet

Meet your guests as they arrive and introduce guests to each other to encourage mingling. This is especially important if your guests don’t know each other. Encouraging conversation throughout the night will help make your party flow better and create a more engaging atmosphere.


Keep Guests Occupied

Have activities to keep your guests occupied when the conversation lulls. Things like table tennis and karaoke are all ways for your guests to let their hair down. If there are kids involved, think up a few games for them to participate in. The kinds of activities you might want to include will depend on your guests and the type of party you’re hosting, but just be sure to give them things to do when they don’t feel like talking.


Adjust Your Attitude

Hosting a party can be really stressful. You want it to be a success and you want your guests to have a good time. However, you can’t control everything and sometimes things go wrong. If things don’t go to plan it’s not the end of the world! Worry less about perfection and just focus on having a good time!


Stay on Schedule

Some parties can linger on well into the night. If you have a rough idea of what time you want your party to finish, don’t be afraid to stick to it. Thinks like turning off music, switching on lights, and asking people if they need taxis are all simple ways to suggest that ‘hey guys, the party’s over.’

Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner party or a big bash, these are just a few tips that will hopefully make it run smoothly. As a host, it’s important that you enjoy the occasion too! What are your best party hosting tips?

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