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9 Great Ways to Cheer Someone up ...

By Lisa

Do you know someone who’s down and you’re looking for some unique ways to cheer someone up? We all have our bad days (and sometimes weeks) and if you come across someone who needs some pep in their step, try some of these great ways to cheer someone up! Making others feel better will make you feel good too, happiness and positivity is highly contagious!

1 Hug It out

One of the best ways to cheer someone up is to offer your shoulder to cry on or even better, give them a big hug! There’s something about embracing or being embraced that makes us feel warm and close to that person plus touch releases feel-good chemicals in our brains! If they aren’t the hugging type, just offer to listen to them if they feel like talking or just letting them know you’re there can make a difference.

2 Give a Gift

Another fun way to cheer someone up is to give them a gift! I’m not talking about designer bags and expensive perfumes-a sentimental item, something that reminds them of an inside joke or something small that you know your friend loves like a favorite snack. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and even a funny gag gift could lift their spirits, just offer something that will put a smile on their face!


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3 Take Them out

One of the best ways to cheer up a friend is to take them out. Take them somewhere they have some good memories or just take them to a nice scenic area like a park and take a walk. A change in scenery can do wonders for the mind and help your friend think clearly or just get out of the house for a change! Get some fresh air and allow your friend to vent or just walk with them.

4 Help a Friend out

How about doing a favor or chore as a way to cheer up a friend? Doing something simple like watching their child or going to the grocery store for them can mean a great deal to someone who is overwhelmed with their busy lives or isn’t able to go out and do those things themselves. If you know your pal’s car is in dire need of a washing, surprise her by washing her car for her!

5 Offer Kind Words

This is probably one of the most obvious ways to cheer someone up but sometimes we forget how powerful positive words can be! When something bad happens to us, we seem to obsess over the negatives and can’t see past the present. Tell the person something you admire about them or compliment a skill they have; everyone has some good qualities that should be emphasized and reminded of!

6 Encourage and Inspire

Help a friend feel better by joining them in doing something cathartic! If your friend loves to dance, sing, run, whatever it may be, encourage them to do it and join them! When we get stuck in a rut or are feeling down, we forget about hobbies and activities that we find enjoyable so help your friend get back in into the groove of things by reintroducing them to a favorite past time!

7 Send Some Love

An awesome way to cheer up a friend is to send them some love through an encouraging letter or card! Send a funny card through the mail or email or you could even DIY to make it extra special and let your friend know you’re there for her and how much her friendship means to you! A cheerful letter of card can brighten up someone’s day in a big way!

8 Dial Her up

Another one of the easiest and obvious ways to cheer someone up is to call them! Even if they don’t answer, leave a nice, encouraging message and check up on them once in awhile. Let them know you’re thinking about them, that you care, and that they aren’t alone. When we get sad we tend to isolate ourselves even though we feel lonely. Let your friend know that you’re in it together and there to help her through her situation!

9 Just Be There

So you’re probably thinking that this is just another blatantly obvious way to cheer someone up but sometimes we get so caught up in our own busy lives that our friends might think we aren’t accessible. Drop by your friend’s house, surprise her at work or just call and text periodically to let her know that you’re available to talk or hang out. Even if she doesn’t take you up on your offer, it’s good to let her know that you’re there!

Next time your gal pal is feeling down or hit a rough patch, I hope these suggestions inspire you to help your friend through a tough time. Even if you don’t know the person well, smile and ask how they’re doing. It might sound silly, but reaching out to someone when they’re down will mean a lot to them! How do you cheer up a sad friend?

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