7 Great Lesser Known Library Services ...


7 Great Lesser Known Library Services ...
7 Great Lesser Known Library Services ...

Did you know that library services go beyond the lending of books? The humble library has been serving us with valuable information and lovingly held books of all subjects and sizes for so many years. Unfortunately, many libraries are closing due to lack of use, but there are several library services available that you may not know about that could draw you back to the silent aisles of books that tell a thousand stories. Why not check out your local library for some of these services.

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Valuable Learning

The most obvious library services are linked to education. As well as learning from the books of the library, many courses are also run from libraries in many locations so not only will you be learning more about your favorite subject but you could make some new friends into the bargain. Look out for courses on IT subjects, arts and crafts, running your own business, and especially talks and lectures from experts on everything from debt management to bird watching.


Job Hunting

When looking for work, the library may seem like an unlikely location to go job hunting but many local libraries provide help to people to brush up their resume skills, search for jobs and assist in preparing for interviews. These services could cost a lot in other locations but the trusty library has these services available for free or at a low cost and with their help, a new job could be just on the horizon.


Legal Issues

Legal advice can be costly to obtain and with such a range of services available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Some local libraries hold legal advice clinics several times a year to assist those looking for resolution of issues or simply to point them in the right direction and with this advice often being free, these library services are the perfect way to make headway into a difficult legal problem.


Date Night

Did you think that the services provided by a library were stuck in the 20th century? Far from it! The library may not exactly seem the place to get a date but you would be surprised as many people find the love of their lives (or perhaps an interesting friend) by heading to events known as “Read-dating” held in their local library. The idea is that each person joining the event brings their favorite page turner in order to provide a suitable ice breaker to the conversation, and from there the event may run along the lines of speed dating or it can be structured in other intriguing ways to get everyone to talk to each other and see if connections can be made. With locations such as New York, San Francisco and Vancouver, the idea is really taking off and perhaps you will be finding your perfect partner in your local library in the future?


Meet the Author

What better way to celebrate your favorite book than to attend an event where you can converse face to face with the author? Many people may have pressing questions to ask on the meaning of the literary creations of their beloved authors and these kinds of events at the library are the ideal opportunity to do so. Many libraries invite various authors to visit them and provide feedback on works, discussion groups or even workshops on the art of writing novels to inspire people and whet their appetites for reading and writing. While these library services may be available only a few times a year, author visits can bring people back into the libraries and provide advice to budding writers.


I Wanna Tell You a Story

Storytelling sessions are available in many libraries and not just to help kids to get to sleep! There are many people for whom life has been hard or they have achieved many great things, and storytelling sessions can be a wonderful way to share these experiences with others to bring communities together. Sessions with locals willing to read books or to recall the events of their exciting lives can make for an enthralling and entertaining event so it is well worth looking out for local events to see who is going to be telling tales in your local library.


Musical Recitals

You may find this difficult to believe but many libraries host a series of events with live music and while the library may usually be a haven of calm and peace, there is always room for a little music. Let’s not forget that libraries have been lending out music as well as books for many decades now. While you may be thinking that live music in the library may be a stuffy kind of affair with only certain types of music played, there is a wide range of music being played in libraries all across the country. With jazz and operas being performed in the library, it is a good idea to look out for events in the local area to see just what you are missing.

I think it’s terrific that some of these modern library services may well keep some of our municipal libraries alive in these days of the Internet and e-Readers. They are an important part of the community and they could do with our support. Do you know what’s on offer at your local library?

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