7 Great Lesser Known Library Services ...


Did you know that library services go beyond the lending of books? The humble library has been serving us with valuable information and lovingly held books of all subjects and sizes for so many years. Unfortunately, many libraries are closing due to lack of use, but there are several library services available that you may not know about that could draw you back to the silent aisles of books that tell a thousand stories. Why not check out your local library for some of these services.

1. Valuable Learning

The most obvious library services are linked to education. As well as learning from the books of the library, many courses are also run from libraries in many locations so not only will you be learning more about your favorite subject but you could make some new friends into the bargain. Look out for courses on IT subjects, arts and crafts, running your own business, and especially talks and lectures from experts on everything from debt management to bird watching.

Job Hunting
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