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Some toddlers, kids, and teens can be picky eaters when it comes to fruits, vegetables, and anything that might be healthy **for them. I know this to be true for my stepdaughters who would rather eat cookies or ice cream over a salad or an apple! You go grocery shopping and when you come home with food items they don't like or want they complain that there is, "Nothing to Eat!" Well maybe with these **fun and **creative food recipes **we might get our kids to eat something we think is better for them...

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Orange You Glad...

Orange You Glad... Photo:FamilyFun.Go.com

With this little guy reminding your kids of the fun they have carving out halloweenpumpkins how could they resist eating a healthy snack **like this! Just take your **oranges **and do the same you would with a pumpkin; cut around the top to make a lid, carve out the center and get creative with their little smiles! Don't forget to use the orange pieces to mix in with the fruit salad that will fill the center of your "Snack o' Lantern". This makes a great snack for all year and an even better snack for your kid's **halloween party! Check out the link for more ideas.


Garden of Veggies...

Garden of Veggies... Photo: FamilyFun.Go.com

When your kids come home from school they love showing you all of their art work to display on the fridge, so why not have them** create art with their **vegetables! Just cut up some cucumbers, carrots, and other veggies you may have, along with some lettuce for the leaves and let your kids get creative making flowers, faces, and all types of works of art. After they are done with their creations take some photos before they dip them in some homemade vegetable dip.


Swimming with Tuna Fish...

Swimming with Tuna Fish... Photo:FamilyFun.Go.com

Tuna can be a very good source of protein **and **Omega-3s for a child's heathly diet. It may not always be easy to get your kids to eat foods like tuna but when you make healthy foodsfun they might be willing to give it a try. With a few different cookie cutters, vegetable eyes and a cute red pepper smile, your children might just fall in love with this little fish. Try out the recipe on the link for a healthy no-mayo tuna salad.

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Creature from the Deep Sea...

Creature from the Deep Sea... Photo: FamilyFun.Go.com

Kids who love sea creatures, going to the beach, or fishing will love this cool looking octopus pepper. I'm sure with foodthat looks like this funny creature your children will love to make up a deep sea adventure story to tell all their friends about! Remember to be just as healthy when you are making or buying the veggie dip, try one that is low in calories and fat.


Three Strawberry Mice...

Three Strawberry Mice... Photo: FamilyFun.Go.com

How adorable are these strawberry mice! If your kids love the mice from Cinderellathey will love making these little fruity friends. They are so easy to put together and really make such cute little critters, ones I'm sure even my mom won't be afraid of! Just remind your childrenthat these mice are to be eaten and are not our friends to keep in our rooms under the bed!


These strawberry mice are a fun and creative way to get your kids to eat their food! By making their food into cute little critters, it can be a great way to encourage kids to eat healthy. Not only are these strawberry mice adorable, but they are also incredibly easy to make. All you need are some strawberries, toothpicks, and a few other ingredients. Start by washing the strawberries and removing the stems. Cut the strawberries in half and then use the toothpicks to attach two halves together for the body. For the ears, you can use a small piece of a strawberry cut in half. For the eyes, you can use a small piece of a blackberry or a blueberry. Finally, for the tail, you can use a piece of a strawberry cut into a triangle shape. Once you have all the pieces put together, you can enjoy your strawberry mice!

These strawberry mice are a great way to get creative in the kitchen. You can also make other variations of these mice, using different fruits and vegetables. For example, you can use apples and grapes to make apple mice or carrot mice. There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating these fun little critters.


Mr. Crabby Sandwich...

Mr. Crabby Sandwich... Photo: FamilyFun.Go.com

So many kids and teens who love watching SpongeBob SquarePantswill love making this little guy who reminds me of Mr. Krabs from the hit Nickelodeonshow. I just love this **crab sandwich's **cute radish smile and red bell pepper claws! You can fill the croissant with crab, tuna, or even chicken salad for a healthy lunch they will love taking pictures of to put on facebook!

What fun and creative ideas help your kids eat their food?

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These are the cutest ideas for kids food I've seen! I am definitely going to save this for my nieces and nephew :)

mm ene nice photo bna amjilt

love these and i don't even have kids. the creature from the deep sea is my fave!

Cute, healthy and appetizing!!! Great job Diana. I am forwarding these to my daughter.

I love your ideas that's great .But what about same of those kinds whom don't what try anything .A part burger hot dogs

Ohmigosh these are the cutest ideas EVER, Diana! I am trying all of these out on my nephew - he will love!! :)

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