8 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Themes ...


What is a party without having one of the top, fun kids' birthday party themes available? Face it! You simply cannot be in top social status with the other moms if you don't have a great party theme for your child on their special day! But now, you're faced with the difficult decision on what party theme to have! After all, party trends, just like all trends, are constantly changing. So what is the latest kids' birthday party themes to use? Read this article to find out!

1. Fluff and Sprinklishish!

So you have your little princess turning 1 year old. You need something that fits her crowning personality, something that is light, precious and totally sweet! Out of all the kids' birthday party themes I have found that is most popular with baby girls, it is definitly ruffle cakes and sprinkles of color. (I actually chose this theme for my own daughter's first birthday party!) A ruffle cake is so easy for any mom to do. Just go to YouTube and look it up for easy instructions. And then fill your birthday room with lots of sprinkles of color, and throw in little tiaras for the finishing touch. Very cute!

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