8 Free Apps for Personal Development ...


In response to the comments on the post about self help and growth apps, here are some free apps for personal development. You’ll be pleased to know that this time, a link is included so you’re able to click on any you fancy and download them straight away. I hope you find these free apps for personal development as useful as the other list.

1. Brain Trainer by Lumosity

The Lumosity Brain Trainer consists of 10 separate brain games designed to test your flexibility, memory, problem solving, and the speed at which you process things. 14 million people have used this brain trainer. Over time, it develops your brain and forces it to become more powerful. The best part about it is it only takes a few minutes to complete each game. Each game directly corresponds with a different type of cognitive ability, which makes this one of the best free apps for personal development.

Lumosity Brain Trainer - Lumos Labs, Inc.
E-Type Personality Test
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