13 Expressions No One Knows How to Use ...


13 Expressions No One Knows  How to Use ...
13 Expressions No One Knows  How to Use ...

Sometimes, we use common phrases incorrectly without realizing it. That's why Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of all of the things we've been saying wrong. Here they are:

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Hone in

Hone in It's only a one letter difference.


Intensive Purposes

Intensive Purposes This phrase is longer than you thought.


Case and Point

Case and Point It's "in," not "and."


Wet Your Appetite

Wet Your Appetite I bet you didn't know this one.


Peaked by Interest

Peaked by Interest You have to watch your spelling.


By in Large

By in Large Tweak this one a tiny bit to say it right.


I Could Care Less

I Could Care Less This is probably the most common error people make.


Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak Change that "a" to an "e."



Shoe-in It's not the same kind of "shoe."


Do Diligence

Do Diligence Those homophones can get confusing.


Make Due

Make Due Here's a similar error.


Baited Breath

Baited Breath Be careful with this one!



Deep-seeded Now you know the difference!

Have you been saying any of these phrases incorrectly?

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I knew most of them but look like I've been using #1 & #9 incorrectly. I guess you're never too old to brush up on this stuff!

It should be deep seeded though. That's just a better analogy.

Oh yes, definitely ! But a few I was saying right. So I'm glad. Jeje.

I use 4 &7 correctly...

A lot of these were really obvious

This is awesome, thank you!

I needed these! Thank you!

Let's just be thankful other people have the good heart to share these things. Anyway,it is up to us if we will assimilate it or not. Why don't we just add something helpful instead of criticizing. Destructive criticism doesn't help!

Saved to favourites :P

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