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13 Expressions No One Knows How to Use ...

By Holly

Sometimes, we use common phrases incorrectly without realizing it. That's why Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of all of the things we've been saying wrong. Here they are:

1 Hone in

Hone inIt's only a one letter difference.

2 Intensive Purposes

Intensive PurposesThis phrase is longer than you thought.

3 Case and Point

Case and PointIt's "in," not "and."

4 Wet Your Appetite

Wet Your AppetiteI bet you didn't know this one.

5 Peaked by Interest

Peaked by InterestYou have to watch your spelling.

6 By in Large

By in LargeTweak this one a tiny bit to say it right.

7 I Could Care Less

I Could Care LessThis is probably the most common error people make.

8 Sneak Peak

Sneak PeakChange that "a" to an "e."

9 Shoe-in

Shoe-inIt's not the same kind of "shoe."

10 Do Diligence

Do DiligenceThose homophones can get confusing.

11 Make Due

Make DueHere's a similar error.

12 Baited Breath

Baited BreathBe careful with this one!

13 Deep-seeded

Deep-seededNow you know the difference!

Have you been saying any of these phrases incorrectly?

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