10 Websites to Help You Look Way More Intelligent ...

By Holly

10 Websites to Help You Look Way More Intelligent  ...

You're an intelligent woman. Of course, not everyone can see that. That's why it's important for you to learn as much as you can fit into your brain, so that it's easier for you to make the world see how bright you are. If you need some help, here are a few websites that'll help you look and feel way more intelligent:

1 Duo Lingo

You don't have to sign up for a Spanish or French course at your school in order to learn a new language. After all, those courses tend to teach you a small amount of information in a large period of time. That's why you should try visiting a website like Duo Lingo instead. It'll help you learn Korean, Welsh, Dutch, Russian, and any other language you could think of. It even has lessons on Klingon!

2 Spreeder

You don't want to be the last one finished reading a pamphlet that is handed out in class. That's why you should head to Spreeder, which will teach you how to speed read. The website claims that it'll help you "Read 3x faster, save time, and be more productive in life." Speed reading is one of those skills that'll actually come in handy in life, so you might as well work on it.

3 Factsie

Do you want to be that person who throws out random facts at a party? If you do, then you need to take a look at Factsie. It'll throw out random pieces of information at you, either by giving you a statement to read or a video to watch. Every time you visit the website, you'll learn new information, so it'll never get old!

4 Ted

By now, you know all about Ted Talks, but have you visited their website? If you go to Ted, you can read interesting articles instead of watching videos. You'll be able to learn things like where camels come from and how to make love last. Anything you want to know, this website can tell you.

5 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free site that will teach you anything you'd like. According to them, there are "no ads, no subscriptions. We are a not‑for‑profit because we believe in a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere." If you visit the site, you can look up information about algebra, biology, or art history. You could play over 100,000 interactive exercises. You could learn whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted!

6 Recipe Puppy

If your friends are coming over for dinner, you can impress them with your cooking skills. All you have to do is go to Recipe Puppy and type in all of the ingredients you have in your fridge. Then the site will give you a few ideas of what you could make by using what you already have. That way, you'll save yourself a shopping trip!

7 Instructables

Instructables will teach you how to do more with less. If you're interested in DIY activities, then look no further. The site will teach you how to create items that your friends will be wowed by. Then they'll think you're the smartest woman in town!

8 Open Yale Courses

There is not much persuading to do here because who wouldn't want to learn from a Yale professor? Open Yale Courses offers free access to introductory courses in order to give everyone the opportunity to learn.


Lynda has more than 4000 videos to view created by skilled authors. It has a number of different topics, such as photography, design, IT, and marketing, and for $25 you will get unlimited access to the content.


Highbrow is perfect for those with a busy schedule and a hunger to learn. It works by e-mailing you five-minute lessons each day for 10 days. There are 56 courses to choose from in several different categories.

If you visit these websites, you'll increase the size of your already big brain! What other websites have helped you look and feel more intelligent in the past?

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I didn't see any website

That's awesome

Great info, thank you ;)

Just read about Diarrhea there :)

He f c

just checked FACTSIE - very cool

Udemy! Tons of courses on various topics/areas. They often offer discounts and you can get courses for $10.

So useful info. Thank you

"If you need some help, here are a few websites that'll help you look and feel way more intelligent:" -

Ha ha - fot that diarrhea fact too ;)

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