Genius Ways 💡 for Sarcastic Girls 🙄 to Show Their Colors 🎨 without Being Offensive 👎🏼 ...

It's not easy being sarcastic. I mean, first of all, sometimes people just don't get it -- imbeciles, obvs -- but also, it's hard to express your inner cynic in style without offending the masses. Well, til now anyway. Here are a few clever ways to wear your sarcasm on your sleeve (and in other places) without making some serious enemies.

1. Fox Bag

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How many ... umm ... fox(es) ... do you have to give? I happen to be all out of them, except for the cute one on this bag, which, for some reason, makes me think of the one from The Little Prince. Anyway. I have zero FOX(es) to give. How about you?

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