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Ok, so I have to freely admit that I am a Grammar Nazi. But I also love words so I guess I can also admit to being a Grammar Nerd. I’m perfectly at peace with this and became even more so when I learned that this very characteristic means I win at life! Here’s why you should be proud of your title of Grammar Nerd.

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You Understand the Importance of Language

You truly believe in the saying that “it’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it!” There is a lot of power in arranging your words in the correct order.


You’re a Perfectionist

If you are crazy about getting your grammar right, you will no doubt be crazy about getting every other aspect of your life right too, and this theme of perfectionism will spread in to all areas of your life.


Your Mind is as Sharp as a Razor

The ability to spot a grammatical mistake a mile off means that your mind is constantly turned on and sharp, which is much better than being switched off and dull!


You Think about Things before Proceeding

Your analytically-minded brain means that you are really good at having a hard think about something before you commit to doing it. This can save you a lot of hassle in the long run!


You Get Creative with Rules

When you have a wicked talent for understanding and playing with words, you are able to bend certain rules and guidelines to fit to your specific needs and requirements. It’s not cheating, it’s improvising!


You Are Extremely Analytical

You are very good as taking a step back and analyzing a situation from an unbiased perspective because your brain works in a very functional and practical way.


Your Attention to Detail is Spot on

Knowing what words to use at what time will transfer in to your wider life in the sense that you will have exquisite attention to detail and be able to notice when something is not quite how it should be.


You Care about the Small Things

The minutia of grammar love often means that a person cares much more about the small things in life in comparison to those who are not as crazy about getting the precise words and punctuation marks in the correct order.


You Have the Power of Articulation

Having perfect grammar skills means that you are able to articulate yourself in such a way that perfectly encapsulates your thoughts and feelings on any particular subject.


You Have Superior Writing Skills

A person’s talent for writing is directly linked to how exceptional their grammar skills are. Quite simply, the more eloquent and correct you are, the more impressive your quality of writing is going to be.


You Are Incredibly Organized

The more grammatically aware you are, the more likely you are to be neat and organized because you recognize that everything needs to be aligned and ordered in certain way.


You Have High Standards for Yourself

You see the beauty of a perfect grammatical sentence, and you see no difference between that and living your life with no mistakes either.


You Give a Better First Impression

The more grammar knowledge you have, the more eloquent you are going to be, which in turn will give you the chance to put across a much better first impression to people.


You Only Believe in Doing Something Right

If you are not going to do something correctly, then why would you bother doing it at all? That’s the mind-set of a true grammar nerd.


You Are a Great Conversationalist

With your grammatical knowledge, you can make even the most boring of conversation topics sounds like the most interesting thing in the world. A great skill to have!


You Tend to Be Harder Workers

Your craving for attention to detail and perfectionism means that you are a much harder worker than somebody who is happy to settle for the middle ground.


You Can Handle a Bigger Work Load

Your methodical approach to language translates in to a methodical approach to life, which means that you can often handle much bigger workloads that other people.

Grammar nerds rule!

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