9 Tips on How to Become Smarter ...


9 Tips on How to Become Smarter ...
9 Tips on How to Become Smarter ...

Many people wonder how to become smart. They want to increase their brain power to impress people, like the cute guy they see at the coffee shop, or their boss in hopes of a promotion. That’s great; I fully support anyone that wants to become smarter. It’s really not that hard once you know where to start. Fortunately, there are lots of great ways to get smarter.

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Watch Less Television

Television is the quickest way to let your brain turn to absolute mush. While there can be a wealth of knowledge available on television, there are other ways to get that information. Now please don’t misunderstand, I am not saying you have to completely get rid of TV to become smart, just cut down on the amount of time you spend watching mindlessly.



As if you really needed another reason to exercise, right? Seriously, besides all the other health and beauty benefits of exercise it will also help you get smarter. You see, working out makes you more productive and alert. You will have better concentration and energy.



Reading is key to learning. Instead of just reading trashy romance novels and gossip rags, also spend a little time reading more challenging information. Choose a classic novel, an old Shakespearean play or a book on a subject you are interested in.


Get More Sleep

We all need more sleep. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that to become smarter, we need to hit the snooze 3 or 4 times every morning. It’s better to get more sleep by heading to bed a little earlier. Getting more sleep will help you concentrate and take in more information throughout the day.



We all need time to process the events of our day, week, or month. Taking that time regularly to really ponder over the recent events in your life will give you a deeper perceptive on things. It may also help clear your conscious. Naturally, it can also help you get smarter.


Back to School

One obvious way to become smart is to head back to school. Whether you need to start on your bachelor’s degree or finish up your master’s degree, going to college gives you so much knowledge.


Current Events

Keeping up with current events and understand the things going on around the world and in your own country gives you something to talk about with other people. Really understand the subject, even if you don’t agree with others on the topic shows people just how smart you are.


Build Vocabulary

Words are fun. The Oxford English Dictionary has over 200,000 words. However, most of our vocabularies are far more limited. To build your vocabulary and learn new words you can look words in the dictionary or start using a vocabulary calendar that gives you a new word each day. Learn the word and its meaning and try to use it correctly in conversation.


Healthy Food

Healthy foods boost brain function. Eating a good balanced diet, not skipping meals, and making the right food choice will help you become smarter and healthier.

As you can see, many of the things we need to do to become psychically health will also help us become smarter. Becoming smart isn’t just about cramming your brain with a bunch of trivia facts it’s about increasing brain power and concentration. What are some of the things you have done to become smart?

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